Summary Advanced food microbiology

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What is very specific about the definition of prebiotics?
It is a component or ingredient. 
So no living organism.
It has to be fermented in the colon.

Independent on bacterial group/species
Health effect
What is the ideal niche for moulds?
One with a low Aw and a high sugar content.
What is c and n for case 10 till 15?
See picture
What is c and n for case 4 till 9?
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As a product developer, which two bacteria would you choose for your new probiotic product?
  • lactobacillus acodophilus
  • lactobacillus casei 
What are two disadvantages of probiotics
  1. The positive effects are only temporarily.
  2. The number of food products is restricted because of the requirement to use living cells.
he number of which bacterium, present in the large intestine, varies a lot between people?
What is essential in factories, besides regular cleaning and disinfection, to prevent biofilm formation?
Good facterial and hygenic disign
Which three methods can be used for enumeration of bacteria in products?Spiral platerPCRELISAChromogenic mediaTEMPO

Spiral plate
Chromogenic media
What does a hurdle technique mean?
applying a combination of preservation methods.
Hurdle technology deliberately combines existing and new preservation techniques to establish a series of preservative factors (hurdles) that the microorganisms in question are unable to overcome (jump over). These hurdles may be temperature, water activity, acidity, redox potential, preservatives, and others.