Summary An example: The art of effective studying

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Summary - An example: The art of effective studying

  • 1 Effective studying in a nutshell

  • abscess
    noun, a localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body, often accompanied by swelling and inflammation and frequently caused by bacteria.
  • hjk
  • What is the nebular hypothesis
    The nebular hypothesis suggests that our solar system evolved from a extremely large rotating cloud called the solar nebula
  • Veda
    The Vedas (/ˈveɪdəz, ˈviː-/; Sanskrit: वेद véda, "knowledge") are a large body of texts originating in the ancient Indian subcontinent. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism.
  • What is the Madisonian Model?
    Created 3 institutions of the National Gov. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial which creates CHECKS and BALANCES systems on the congress, house of reps, and presidency so that way one branch can not control more than others.
  • Natural Law Theory
    Values and purposes are built into the way things are.
  • Which are the 6 C's?
    1. Care
    2. Compassion
    3. Competence
    4. Communication
    5. Courage
    6. Commitment
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  • ertwe rtqer
  • How do you kill a clockwork cat?
    Not by mixing methanol in its milk.
  • actually
    adverb, as an actual or existing fact, really.
  • Identify at least 3 of the essential principles of good studying.
    1. Study the table of contents
    2. Don't highlight or copy text
    3. Review flashcards
    4. Concentrate
    5. Study with others
  • What is the hydrosphere
    All of the water on the earth makes up the the hydrosphere
  • Samhita
    Samhita (Sanskrit: संहिता, saṁhitā) literally means "put together, joined, union" and "a methodically, rule-based combination of text or verses". Samhita also refers to the most ancient layer of text in the Vedas, consisting of mantras, hymns, prayers, litanies and benedictions.
  • What is the Divine Command Theory?

    "Morally Right" means "Commanded by God"
    "Morally Wrong" means "Forbidden by God"
  • aplomb
    noun, imperturbable self possession, poise, or assurance.

  • What is the atmosphere
    all of the gases on make up the atmosphere
  • Brahmana
    The Brahmanas are a collection of ancient Indian texts with commentaries on the hymns of the four Vedas. They are primarily a digest incorporating myths, legends, the explanation of Vedic rituals and in some cases philosophy.
  • Ayn Rand and her argument for Ethical Egoism?
    Any reasonable moral theory will take seriously.
    An ethics of altruism does not take seriously the value of an individual human life.
    Thus, an ethics of altruism is unreasonable. Consequently, only Ethical Egoism takes seriously the value of an "individual human life as it instincts a person always to act in his/her own exclusive self-interest.
  • How to study together ?
    You can use facebook or whatsapp.
  • Wat is hemostase?
    Hemostase is het stoppen van bloeding.
  • appropriation
    noun, the act of being correct.
  • What is the Geosphere
    the core, mantel and crust are what make up the Geosphere
  • Aranyakas
    The Aranyakas (/ɑːˈrʌnjəkə/; Sanskrit: āraṇyaka आरण्यक) are the Philosophy behind ritual sacrifice part of the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas. They typically represent the earlier sections of Vedas, and are one of many layers of the Vedic texts.
  • Plato/Socrates and the Euthyphro question regarding morality and religion?
    Is conduct right because God commands it or does God command certain conduct because it is right?
  • Welke 5 onderdelen
  • Binomial
    A polynomial with two terms which are not like terms. The following are all binomials: 2x - 3, 3x⁵ +8x⁴, and 2ab - 6a²b⁵.
  • camy
    adjective, careful cautious, prudent.
  • what is the biosphere
    all living things on earth make up the bioshere
  • Upanishad

    1. each of a series of Hindu sacred treatises written in Sanskrit circa 800–200 BC, expounding the Vedas in predominantly mystical and monistic terms.
  • gastr-
  • Thomson's arguments regarding Abortion?
    A fetus is a person.
    All persons have a right to life.
    A person has right to determine what happens in and to his/her body.
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  • aksdjhakjsdh
  • Why do you need to be healthy to remember?
    For your brain to work well.
  • My first flash card
  • 2+2
  • Hoe heet het proces waardoor energie beschikbaar wordt in de cel?
    De citroenzuurcyclus
  • wat is migratie
    dat je naar een ander land verhuist
  • Wat is een WST diagram
    Weg snelheid Tijd diagram
  • Her er et notat!
    1. Punkt 1
    2. Punkt 2
    3. Punkt 3
    4. Punkt 4
    Her er slutten på mitt spørsmål.
  • what do you do before you make flash cards?
    scan the article
  • Primary accreditation organization for all health care facilities
    The Joint Commission
  • What is your name?
  • complacent
    adjective, pleased, especially with one self or ones merits, advantages, situation, ect. often without awareness of some potential danger or defect self-satisfied.
  • backup
    make copies of files
  • Test 1
  • What colour is the practice button?
  • admission(noun)
    1. to confess entrance
  • What is the most common central device used today to connect computers to a network?
    B. Switch
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How to study together ?
You can use facebook or whatsapp.
How do you kill a clockwork cat?
Not by mixing methanol in its milk.
What is the capital of the U.S.A?
New York City
Which of the following choices describes the function of DNA Polymerase? Opens up double-stranded DNA to make it single stranded.Cuts DNA segments into pieces of one or two nucleotides catalyses the linking of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP in a specific order, using single stranded DNA as a template. Fuses intermediate DNA segments into longer segments  
3. Catalyses the linking of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP in a specific order, using single stranded DNA as a template.
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