Summary Basic Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry

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This is the summary of the book "Basic Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry". The author(s) of the book is/are Michael N Chibili. The ISBN of the book is 9789001796358 or 9001796354. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

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Summary - Basic Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry

  • 1.1 Setting the scene 14

  • Hebben chimpansees of mensen een beter kortetermijngeheugen?
  • 2 The balance sheet 31

  • The balance sheet is also called the..

    statement of financial position

  • this is a list of assets owned by the owner (eigen vermogen), the debts (schulden/ lasten) owned by the organization and also the sum of all the investments brought into the organization by its owners. 

  • The balance sheet shows the balance between 2 different factors, which ones?

    The balance between the assets of an organization with its liabilities and owners equity

  • Assets= Liabilities + owners equity

  • What is an asset?

    An asset is everything of value that is owned by a person or a company

  • What are current assets?

    Assets which are turning into cash in a short time

  • What are examples of fixed assets?

    Property, plan, and equipment

  • Materiële vaste activa

  • What are liabilities?

    An individual of company is under obligation to pay to other persons or organizations

  • what is the difference between current and long term liabilities?

    Current liabilities are expected to be paid back within the next 12 months, long term liabilities are expected to be paid back beyond the next 12 months.

  • How does a balance sheet look like? (left/ right)

    Left: Current assets, property and equipment, other assets and total assets. 
    Right: Current liabilities, long- term liabilities, owners equity and total liabilities and owners equity.

  • Which of the following items will not be shown in a balance sheet?
    a. Accounts payable (suppliers)
    b. Accrued taxes (opgebouwde belastingen)
    c. Customer loyalty value (klant bindende waarde)
    d. intangible assets (immaterieel vermogen)


  • Which is of the following is not a characteristic of a liability?
    a. liabilities obligate the borrower
    b. liabilities represent still to be honoured

    c. liabilities result from all types of borrowing

    d. the obligating transaction event is in the future


  • The section of the balance sheet that changes with the type of company is
    a. assets

    b. current liabilities

    c. long term liabilities

    d. owners equity


  • Under which category are temporary (tijdelijk) cash investments reported in the balance sheet?

    a. Current assets

    b. current liabilities

    c. investments

    d. other assets 


  • Deferred (uitgesteld) management fees are reported in the balance sheet under
    a. current assets

    b. current liabilities

    c. other assets

    d. long term liabilities


  • 3 The profit and loss account statement 51

  • Why is it important for the stakeholder to know the profit?

    To see how the company is performing

  • The profit and loss account statement shows..

    The flow of activities an transactions between revenues and net income

  • Other word for profit and loss statement is:

    Income statement

  • For what period of time is an profit and loss account statement made?

    1 year

  • Can be made on weekly, monthly or yearly basis

  • As not all departments are revenue generating epartments in a company, certain categories of expenses are generated by epartments that are called service departments. A service department generally supports the profit centres in their revenue generating activities. There are generally 4 categories in this section of ..... 

    Undistributed operating expences

  • Which 4 categories does undistributed operating expenses have?

    administrative and general expenses

    sales and marketing expenses

    property and operations maintenance expenses

    utility expenses

  • A standardized systemof accounting used by the lodging industry that provides easy comparison with similar business operations and improves decision making is called

    USALI (Uniform system of accounts for the lodging industry

  • What an organization generates from activities, other than its primary business activity, will be shown in its income statement as:

    a. expenses (kosten)

    b. gains (winst)

    c. losses (verlies)

    d. revenues (omzet)



  • The amount of assets consumed during the performance of business operations in a period while delivering or producing goods and services will be shown in the income statement as:

    a. gains

    b. losses

    c. expenses

    d. revenues


  • Which of the following questions cannot be answered when analyzing the information presented in an income statement:

    a. how much was spent to pay salaries during the period?

    b. What was the cash balance at the end of the period?

    c. what was the profit for the period?

    d. What were the sales for the period?


  • Which of the following will not be shown as an undistributed operating expense in an income statement destined for internal purposes and based on the USALI?

    a. administrative and general expenses

    b. fixed charges

    c. property operations and maintenance expenses

    d. utility costs (tool)


  • Based on USALI, payroll and related expenses as shown on the income statement include:

    a. fringe benefits (secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden)

    b. payroll taxes

    c. salaries and wages

    d. all of the above


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