Summary Business Vocabulary in Use - Advanced with Answers

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Summary - Business Vocabulary in Use - Advanced with Answers

  • 1 Job satisfaction

  • There is a very good rapport between us

    There is a very good relationship between us

  • Why do yo love your work

    It is so rewarding

  • Het is allemaal niet zo makkelijk

  • ''red tape''
  • I have some nice perks

    I have a few nice extra's

  • commute to the office

    travel to the office

  • 1.1 work and jobs

  • What do you do?

    To find out what someone's job is

  • Work for

    the organization where you work

  • Run 

    When you are leading a department from an organization. 

  • 2 Management styles 1

  • empowerment


  • subordinates
  • imposed

    opgelegd/ applied

  • Theory X
    The idea that people dislike work and will do everything they can to avoid it
  • Theory Y
    Everyone has the potential to find satisfaction in work
  • 3 Management styles 2

  • supervision
    the way employees are managed
  • policy
    the overall purpose and goals of the organization
  • working conditions
    the place where you work, hours worked etc.
  • peer relationships
    how you relate to and work with others on the same level of the organization
  • security
    level of confidence about the future in your job
  • What are the Hygiene factors?
    • supervision
    • policy
    • working conditions
    • salary
    • peer relationships
    • security
  • What are the motivator factors?
    • achievement
    • recognition
    • the work itself
    • responsibility
    • advancement career ladder
    • personal growth
  • achievement
    the feeling that you have been successful in reaching your goals
  • recognition
    the feeling that you employers understand and value what you do by giving positive feedback, which means telling you what a good job your doing
  • the work itself
    the nature and interest in the job
  • responsibility
    when you are in charge of something and it's success or failure
  • advancement
    how far you will be promoted in the organization and/or how far will you go up the career ladder
  • personal growth
    how you develop personally in your work, and your opportunities to do this
  • empowerment
    the idea that decisions, where possible, should be made by employees who are close to the issue or problems to be solved
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