Summary Business vocabulary in use intermediate with answers ( cd-rom)

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Summary - Business vocabulary in use intermediate with answers ( cd-rom)

  • 1 Work and jobs

  • Wat do you do?


    I work for, I work on a car design, i run the...I manage a team. 20 people work under me.  I deal with a lot of different people. Im responsible for coordination. I work with managers. 

  • In charge of =
    Responsible for
  • Responsibilities =
    Something that is your job or duty to deal with
  • At the end of this year I will be planning what I wil do for the next year. 
    - going on holiday to Cuba, new job, visit my friend Juan Carlos in the UK
  • in charge of  + nou 

    responsible for + verb + -ing 

    responsibility    + infinitive/ -ing 

    One of my responsibilities is to make sure that.....

    one of my responsibilities is making sure that..

    You don't say: I'm a responsible 


  • Permanent job =
    Lasting for a long time or forever
  • I leave for work at 7:30 every morning 

    I go to work by train and subway

    I get / arrive at work at about 9.

    I'm usually at work till 6 

    Im' not often off work - away from work due to illness. 

  • Temprorary job =
    not lasting or needed for very long
  • Types of job and types of work

    A full-time job = for the whole of the normal working week; a part-time job is for less dan that. Permanent job does not finish after a fixed period; a temporary job finishes after a fixed period 

  • I manage -
    Being the leader of
  • 2 Ways of working

  • Old and new ways

    I'm an office worker in an insurance company. It's nine -t0-five job with regular working hours.  we all have to clock on and clock off every day


    flextime = means we can work when we want, within certain limits. 

    shifts      = may be on day shift - one week dight shift overtime- to work more hours than usual for more  money 
    commute = I commute to work every day, like thousands of other commuters

  • Flexitime =
    people can work when they want, within certain limits
  • Nice work if you can get it

    All these words are used in front of job and work


    -satisfying, stimulating, fascinating, exciting - the work is interesting and gives you positive feelings

    dull, boring, uninteresting, unstimulating - the work is not interesting 

    - repetitive, routine - the work involves doing the same things again and again

    tiring, tough, hard, demanding - the work is different and makes you tiered 

  • Commute=
    Working to another city than where you live
  • Nature of work 

    My work involves  + noun 

     - human contact

    - long hours

    - teamwork

    I like / dislike / prefer/ enjoy +  -ing

    - working with figure

    -deling with customers

    -solving problems


  • Statisfying=
    the work is interesting and give you positive feelings
  • Dull=
    The work is not interesting
  • Repetitive= 
    again and again
  • Demanding = 
    The work is difficult and makes you tired
  • The work is interesting and gives you positive feelings
    satisfying, stimulating, fascinating, exciting. 
  • Dull, Boring, uninteresting, unstimulating?
    = the work is not interesting. 
  • repetitive, routine
    = the work involves doing the same things again and again
  • tiring, tough, hard, demanding
    = the work is difficult and makes you tired 
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