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Summary - Class notes - Cursus Engels

  • 1409868000 05/09/2014

  • Green House gas
  • fossil energy
  • plant wood
  • CO2 reductions
  • behavioral change
  • international cooperation
  • population growth
  • financial costs
  • mitigation climate
  • Africa Asia Development
  • 1409954400 Article Hawaii

  • recovering recent tropical storm
  • lava of Kaoke Homestead
  • flow from watch to warning
  • difficult predicting by changes lava volume
  • how lava enters
  • evacuation when clear
  • restrict acces
  • county workers door-to-door
  • other comunnities
  • stay away
  • helicopter tours
  • observatory's scientist
  • two previous flows faster
  • Summary
    Rural Hawaii residents still recovering from a recent tropical storm. Lava of Koake Homesteads possibility reach the community in five to seven days. The flow is difficult to predicting through changes lava volume and how lava enters. Evacuation is unclear, but residents can leave safely through to restrict access to roadways. County workers knows how many people will be evacuate. Residents won't be leave through their own appealing place. Observatory's scientist says the current flow moves faster by two previous flows.
  • Perfect Hidde
  • 1410818400 What it means to buy a company stock?

  • shares/stocks
  • part owner of company
  • bonds
  • part lender to the company
  • pay us back
  • borrow
  • liabilities= vreemd vermogen
  • owner's equity
  • assets=linkerkant van balans, bezittingen van het bedrijf
  • market cap
  • Summary
    You are a part owner of company when you buy shares. When you pay bonds, you are a part lender of the company. Owner's equity can you calculate with assets minus borrowing capital. The difference between market cap of the stock and the bookvalue of the stock in the company displays the market value  of the shares. 
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The article goes about the tensions between black people and the police at a ramshackle suburb of Lisbon. In fact, suburbs has many casualties. As a result of the tensions, police claims other police officers told them they should join Islamic State. Furthermore a black girl was late and said I had to go to university and police said, 'Black people study?'" She recalls, adding that they used a derogatory term for black people. This sense of injustice is widespread. As a solution they organised a dinner for local police commanders to meet young people from the neighbourhood. The organisation found it very funny when the 35 police commanders arivved, they didn't come in. And afterwards the black people almost had to kick them out.
Around the same time a pilot programme called the Critical Neighbourhoods Initiative, which promoted closer co-operation between police and residents, was cancelled by the new elected conservative government.This global study ranks countries according to how successfully they integrate migrants. Portugal comes second, behind Sweden. The goverment told that this suburb is an exception.
Dan Fredinburg, the head of privacy for Google X and a Google adventure, was killed through a head injury from the Mount Everest avalanche. Fredinburg's death is among at least 10 deaths on Everest as a result of the quake. The other three Googlers with him are safe and they are working to get them home quickly. Survivors mourn the death and praising Dan with the words: favorite, hilarious strong willed man, like his sister Megan. 

The Mount Everest avalanche killed through a head injury Dan Fredinburg, the head of privacy for Google X and a Google adventure.
Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore, died recently of lung cancer. originally from China. This video explores how a small island went from being poor to becoming one of the richest nation in the world. His father was strict and his mother was very different. So Lee must be derived his policy from his dad. Kuan Yew studied at the Cambridge, so he have a high degree. His wif has even a high degree and is also very intelectual. His wife was the other hand for Kuan Yew and the policy of Singapore. The head key of this transformation is toughness from the prime minster. He said Learn English and give people equal education. The rest of Asia must be see that you can improve without lose you indentity. Kuan Yew has also darkness as in like very strict rules. In the world there is a lot of respect for this great man. 
This film includes to track down piracy in the music industry and farther on the internet. Different people says that a lot of people do piracy, and therefore it is difficult to track down. Hollywood and the music Industry sued a thousand sites for piracy. Heavy fines and prison sentences are mainly for people who sell it. Copying was forbidden hundred years ago. Everyone is a pirate!
Present perfect continious: have+voltooid deelwoord+ werkwoord+- ing
In verleden begonnen nog steeds voortduurt
Benadrukken een handeling enige tijd aan de gang is geweest en net is afgelopen
Passive: to be + voltooid deelwoord
  • Onderwerp handeling en dus niet zelf
Past perfect continious: had+ voltooid deelwoord+ werkwoord+ - ing
iets te lang duren in het verleden
Present perfect: have+ voltooid deelwoord
  • In verleden begonnen en nog steeds voortduurt
  • always, never, ever, yet, already, just
Legacy Abdullah
Recently King Abdullah died, his succesor is half-brother Salman. Human rights are bad in Saudi Arabia, but Salman wouldn't be change in the future. He wants a Islamatic unity, it predicts not good news. These conclusion referse to Al quida and Jihad. 
Why Abdullah's brother won't be change the culture?
-Islamic soladarity: religion