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Summary - Class notes - digitale marketing

  • 1420066800 Module1: Introductie Digitale Marketing

  • What is the definition of an 'Ad?'
    An Ad is an Marketing communications message conveyed (adressed) to the consumer
  • Def. Ad impression
    each instance a consumer is exposed to an online ad
  • Def. Ad click
    A click on an ad impressie served in the period being measured
  • Def. Advertiser
    An organisation that want to get its message to the right audience, effeciently and effectivily
  • Def. Analytics
    The technology and measurement systems used to understand what is working within digital marketing campaign and what is not, based on data collected during the campaign.
  • Def. App
    A mobile application
  • Def. Banner ad
    A mobile ad unit that employs simple creative assets and hyperlinks
  • Def. Blog
    A website with regular entries of commentary, description of events and other embedded multimedia content such as graphics, videos, presentations.
  • Def. Conversion tracking
    Gives advertisers visibility into how consumers are interacting with their brand throughout the marketing funnel.
  • Def. Click
    If a customer sees your ad and clicks on it to learn more or to do business with you, it's recorded in your account as a click.
  • Def. Click through
    CTR is the number of clicks your ad receives devided by the number of times the ad is shown (impessions).
  • Def. Conversion
    A conversion occurs when a user completes an action on your site, such as buying something or requesting more information.
  • Def. Cookie
    A text file placed on a web user's hard drive by a website to remember data about the website's user.
  • Def. Digital display advertiser
    a form of digital marketing, which uses display adverts appearing on web pages as a means of communicating relevant commercial messages to a specific audience based on their profile.
  • Def. Direct marketing
    a channel form of advertising to communicate straight to the consumer.
  • Def. Email marketing
    a form of permission based direct marketing
  • Def. Forum
    a website that allows the exchange of ideas and other information between users which is usually monitored by a moderator 
  • Def. Friends
    Mutual connections made on Social Networks where data and updates are exchanged
  • Def Hashtag
    A dominant feature of Twitter, a hashtag is a clickable keyword that sms up the content of a tweet
  • HTML
    Hyper Text Markup Language. Set of commands used by web browsers to interpret and display page content to users 
  • HTML 5
    upgrade for mobile web
  • Def. instant messaging
    Messages sent between two connections in real time through a social media network or email platform. e.q. Facebook, MSN
  • Def. Impression
    The number of times an advertisement is displayed
  • Def. Keyword
    the kenwords you choose are the terms you want to 'trigger' your ad to appear.
  • Def. Link building
    process of actively cultivating incoming links to a site
  • Def. Permission based marketing
    refers to any marketing effort where the recipient of the marketing has opted in or given their permission to send then information
  • Def. NAtural search results
    not sponsored or paid search results
  • Def. Page inpression
    a request for a page of a site's content made by a user of that site in the period being measured
  • Def. Quality score
    a measure of relevance for your ad, kenword or webpage
  • Def. Rich media
    a broad range of interactive and engaging ad formats, incl. expandable banners, embedded audio and video
  • Def SEO
    Search Engine Optimization. The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines 'natural' or 'un-paid' (organic) search results.
  • Def. SMS
    Short Mobile Service; text messages (original limited to 160 characters)
  • Def. Social media
    a catch-all term used to describe the tools and technologies that facilitaire social interacties of the internet 
  • Def. Social network
    webbased platform for personal or professional users to share news and data and connect and communicatie with other users
  • Def. Targetting
    the ability to aggregate inventory by demographic, contextual and behavioural traits in order to reach a particular group of prospects.
  • Def. Tweet
    Twitter tweet, text based message 140 characters.
    (aug 2015) Twitter heeft woord gehouden: vanaf vandaag geldt er geen limiet meer van 140 tekens voor het verzenden van directe berichten. De reguliere tweets blijven die beperking voorlopig nog wel houden.
  • Def. Visit
    the total number of times that a user (a device) has engaged in rekest for content. A new visit when the gap between request for content is at least 30 minutes. 
  • Def. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator or web adress
  • Def. Search enigen marketing
    advertising on a search engine in a bid to drive traffic to a website, only paying on a when someone clicks on your ad.
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