Summary Class notes - history virginia

- history virginia
- Mr.Daniel Boyers
- 2017 - 2018
- luna
- History
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Summary - Class notes - history virginia

  • 1501538400 1 module quiz (1.5.1)

  • Virginia is the _____________ largest state according to the 2013 census.
  • the Virginia state motto is what?
    sic semper tyrannis
  • The ________ ___________ is one of Virginia's most important geographical features.
    fall line
  • Which of the following is true of the Blue Ridge region of Virginia?
    relies on agriculture and tourism as primary industries
    features the Shenandoah national park
    Roanoke is the "capital of blue ridge"

  • The three peninsulas of Virginia are the following:
    the ____ Neck
    the _____Neck
    the ______Neck
  • From north to south, name the 4 major Virginia rivers:
     the _____River
     the ____River
     the _____River
     the ____River

    Rappahannock york
  • In ______, King James revoked the Virginia Company's charter and made Virginia a royal colony.
  • The Virginia House of Burgesses was established by the...
    great charter of 1618
  • Match the Native American people group with its primary area of occupation:
    1. Algonquian
    2. Iroquoian
    3. Siouan
    1. coastal plains
    2. piedmont and blue ridge
    3. western and southern virginia
  • The  most dominant Algonquin tribe was the...
  • The English attempt to colonize the Americas was at _____________ ______________.
    roanoke island
  • What was Spanish name of the Native American who helped establish a base camp in Virginia in 1570?
    don luis de Velasco
  • Captain John Smith's discipline included the idea of if a man doesn't _____, he shouldn't ______.
  • Most conflict between Native Americans and the Jamestown setters came because they failed to understand one another's ____________.
  • Tobacco cultivation caused a dramatic growth _____and in _____.
  • Most Native American groups had no concept of ___________ property.
  • The _________________ _____ _________________ was the representative body created under the Great Charter.
    house of burgesses
  • The ___________ _______________ authorized a representative assembly to govern the Virginia colony.
    great charter
  • Which of the following conditions contributed to the 1622 Powhatan attack on the Virginia colonists?

    1. the death of pocohontas in 1617
    2. english demands on the natives for food
    3. english settlement spreading further into native land
    4. the death of powhatan
    5. the english planting tobacoo rather than crops.

  • Who was the chief who led the attack against the colonists in 1622?

  • The Council of State, in addition to representing the king's wishes and advising the governor, were to serve as the ______________ _____________
    Quarter Court
  • In spite of promises to the contrary, most indentured servants were forced to become ______________ laborers once their period of service ended.
  • Named royal governor in 1641, _______ ________________ ______________ was one of the most powerful personalities in Virginia history.

    Sir William Berkeley
  • Which of the following is true of Virginia under Sir William Berkeley?
    he wanted to diversify the economy of virginia

    it reverted back to the authority of the virginia company
     virgina became more autonomous during the english civil war
    VIrginia began the shift from indentured servitude to slavery
  • In 1676, ________________ _________________ led a rebellion against the government of Virginia.
    nathaniel bacon
  • According to Edmund Morgan, _____and _____grew up together in colonial Virginia.
    freedom and slavery
  • What it the only college in America older than William & Mary?
  • Which of the following is true about women in Colonial Virginia?
    Some owned their own farms and businesses.

    They were more vulnerable to exploitation.  
    Confusion regarding their roles helped establish slavery as an institution.
    Some worked to cultivate tobacco.
  • The French and Indian War was part of the...
    7 yr war
  • The two primary participants in the French and Indian War were _____and ____.
    french and england
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What role did Virginia play in the larger Civil Rights Movement?
they played a part because it was very controversial, everyone had an opinion about it, and they were geographically close to the heart of the movement.
What accounts for the recent shift in population from rural to urban areas of Virginia? How has that affected the political situation in the state?
it is because now only 1% of Virginians farm, so there is no need for the majority of them to live in rural areas.
Who was the first woman to win statewide political office in Virginia?
mary sue terry
Who was the first African American to serve in the Virginia House of Delegates since Reconstruction?
william Ferguson Reid
Who was the first person of African descent to serve as Governor of Virginia?
douglas wilder
Who was the first Virginia woman to win a seat in Congress?
leslie byrn
Today, over 80% of Virginia's population live in ______________ areas.
What was the nature and purpose of the Moral Majority?
to bring Christian morals into politics.
Who was the first woman to serve in the Virginia House of Delegates?
kathyrn stone
In the most recent gubernatorial election in Virginia, which districts helped carry Terry McAuliffe to victory?
northern virginia
the tidewater