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Summary - Class notes - science

  • 1488409200 science module 6

  • What are the 3 ways heat moves through the atmosphere?
    conduction, convection, and radiation
  • Which method of energy transfer does not require a medium?
  • What is the difference between vaporization and boiling?

      Vaporization can occur when a liquid changes to a gas at any temperature where boiling has to be at the boiling point
  • If air cools beyond its dew point and still does not condense, the air is said to be ______________.
  • Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air,
    compared with the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can contain at that temperature

  • Cloud greenhouse forcing _____________________________.
    can cause the temp to increase
  • Cumuliform clouds __________________________.
    from vertically
  • Latent heat is released as the cloud rises ______________ the air.
  • Heavy drizzle can reduce _______________ because the droplets are small and close together.
  • rain drops are...
    10 to 1000 times bigger than cloud droplets
  • When cloud droplets merge to form larger droplets, it is called ________________________.
  • The leeward side of mountains gets _______________________________.
    very little precipitation
  • What has killed entire sections of vegetation and disrupted ecosystems?
    low ph from acid rain

  • What 3 factors affect air pressure?  
    temperature,altitude, and water vapor
  • Cold air does not contain much moisture. Choose all the reasons for this.(3)

    Cold air is very dense
     Cold air contracts so there is no room for the moisture 
    The molecules of cold air squeezed closer together 

  • Where on a cloud is where the temperature has reached its dew point?
      at the edge of the cloud 

  • Ground fog is also known as _______________________________.
    radiation fog
  • 1488754800 7.23.1

  • A very cold air mass that is the same as a Continental air mass is ________________________.
    an artic air mass
  •  What symbol would you find on the weather map that would label an air mass that is warm and dry?
  • Maritime tropical air mass moves in over cold land. It is very far from its source region. it changes characteristics _______________________________.
    due to mass modification
  • if an air mass was to undergo an air mass modification it would have to ____________________.
    stall or slow over a new air mass
  • mesocyclone
     large circulating updraft in a tornado
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The collision of two galaxies results in a(n) ____________________ galaxy.
Spiral galaxies ____________________________.
 have a center cluster of millions of stars with 2 arms
The current secular Big Bang Theory says that ______________________.
matter appeared simultaneously in all directions at the same time
Our sun is part of ______________________.
the milky way galaxy
The Big Bang is really a ________________ because __________________.
model, it can not be proven by the scientific method of experimentation
Spiral galaxies make up of about _______________ percent of all known galaxies.
The nucleus of the galaxy is ____________________.
 in the center where a large cluster of stars are found
At the center of a galaxy with a quasar you will find ____________________.
a black hole powering the quasar
Quasi- stellar radio sources are also known as ______  ______ and emit __
radio waves
A(n) _______________ galaxy does not have any dust or gas in the center and is round or oval. (Spelling counts)