Summary Class notes - TV

- TV
- Natalia
- 2017 - 2018
- Inholland Den Haag
- Media & Entertainment Management (Eng.)
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Summary - Class notes - TV

  • 1497650400 Chapter 1: History of TV

  • 1884
    Paul Nipkow creates a patent for image rasterizer
  • 1924
    Nipkow system is used to capture and transmit images
  • BBC first broadcast
  • 1930's
    2 models developed simultaneously:
    1. BBC --> mechanical tv (Nipkow Disk)
    2.RCA--> electronic tv (Cathode Ray Tube)
  • BBC Broadcasts Regularly
  • 1936
    Germany broadcasts Olympic Games in Berlin
  • 1939
    RCA broadcasts regularly
  • World War II
    Broadcasting was put on standby until 1946
  • First Broadcast Exhibition in Spain
  • 1953
    First attempt to periodic broadcasts in Spain. Meanwhile NTSC Is developed
  • TV in Spain (TVE is Launched)
  • PAL is developed
    Europe develops PAL in 1963
  • First show broadcasted in color
    Olympic Games in Munich 1972
  • Private Channels in Spain
    Antenna 3
    Canal +
  • 3 Color Encoding Systems
    1. NTSC
  • Analogue TV
    The old version to the TV we have now.It was an electrical signal sent to a cathode tube that translated it into an image.e Image and audio were separate signals to each other. The signal was too large and could not be compressed. It was weak and affected by distance
  • Digital TV
    Digital TV was possible because the electrical signal was translated into a binary code. Image and audio were now a single signal, which took less space from the bandwidth meaning more channels.
  • Analog shutdown in Spain
    2010 April 3
  • 1995
    Cable TV
  • Cable TV
    Broadcasting television programs through a cable. It works through subscription and triple play (tv, phone, internet) was allowed
  • 1997
    Satellite TV
  • Satellite TV
    Broadcasting in analogue, tv signals we're sent from a satelite to different parts of the world.
  • IPTV
    A system also works through subscription. It works with internet instead of cable or satellite to send signals and can stream
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Result of the digital era, and the multiple choices of entertainment
Bingewatching: consuming multiple episodes of series in one sitting

Transmedia storytelling: a technique of extending the storytelling experience across multiple platforms using the current digital technology
advertising feature
a commercial in the shape of a documentary or report
product placement
to place a product (visible label) in a show subtly infant of the camera, included in the action
span of tv programming produced by an organisation, message needs to reach an audience and usually is placed between shows
self promotion
 a commercial produced by the TV network to promote itself
longer version of commercial includes extensive information and describe s the product repeatedly, includes a number.
advertising category
advertisement feature
product placement
self promotion
Category under factual
1. newscast
2. interviews
3. reports
4. specials
5. sports
fictional events are presented in documentary style to create a parody ( characters usually break the fourth wall)
tv- movie
feature length film produced and distributed only for tv.