Summary Corporate communication worldwide

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This is the summary of the book "Corporate communication worldwide". The author(s) of the book is/are Mariët Herlé Carin Rustema. The ISBN of the book is 9789001802448 or 9001802443. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

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Summary - Corporate communication worldwide

  • 1 The communication of Organisations

  • what groups give the organisations its 'license to operate'?
    Clients, suppliers, government, neighborhood and investors.
  • external stakeholders
    government, unions, banks, shareholders, suppliers
  • internal stakeholders
    employees, interns, management, students, board of directors
  • mission statement
    public goal
  • collective ambition
    3-5 years
  • vision
    role in society
  • define goals and objects by making...
    vision, collective ambition, mission statement
  • difference between corporate communication and marketing communication
    corporate communication is the organization as a whole and marketing is more focussed at selling, corporate is more a dialogue 
  • Aims of communication
    organizational, economic, social
  • 1.1 what is this book about?

  • Corporate Communication = "management function within an organisation (profit or non-profit) which is responsible for communication processes that are initiated from with the organisation and trying to promote a sustainable interaction between the organisation and groups of the public in in the internal and external environment. 
  • Definition management function corporate communication
    management function responsible for communication processes, initiated from organization to promote a sustainable interaction between organization, groups of the public in internal and external environment
  • Management function; a communication manager has to know what is happening at a strategic level in an organisation, so CC is not only an operational activity.
    Comunication processes; multi-layered process. a set of measures is usually necessary to reach communication goals.
    Initiated by an organisation; Communication needs to be a proactive activity. CC activities are always initiated by the organisation.
    To promote sustainable interaction; for communication 2 parties are necessary.
    Groups of the public; CC is with partners, clients, suppliers, pressure groups..
    Internal & External; CC deals with exchange of information between employees of an organisation and external groups
  • 1.2 related terms

  • Integrated Communication; integrating corporate communication, marketing communication, advertising, marketing, PR, sponsorship, promotions, direct marketing, point of sale, personal selling, exhibitions and trade fairs into marketing communication.
    PR help an organisation and its public groups to adapt mutually to each other. PR is about reputation. it aims to earn understanding and support, and influence opinion and behavior. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its public.
    Reputation Management;  claims to be the creation of values for stakeholders. firms with the best reputations enjoy around a 25% share price premium relative to their industry. The RQ measures corporate reputations by asking representatives of stakeholder groups how they perceive companies.
    Marketing communication; big difference between CC and MC are:
    - CC is communication of the organisation as a whole, whereas MC is communication aimed customer and other parties in the selling chain.
    - MC is aimed more at persuasion ('selling'), wherease CC involves a dialogue.
  • Integrated communication =
    used for integrating corporate communication, advertising , marketing and sponsorship
  • public relations = 
    reputation and aims for understanding and support
  • reputation quotient research instrument researches into:
    - emotional appeal,
    - products and services,
    - vision and leadership,
    - financial performance,
    - vision and leadership,
    - social responsibility.
  • reputation management = 
    create value for stakeholders
  • what is in the reputation quotient?
    social responsibility, emotional appeal, products and services, workplace environment, financial performance, vision and leadership
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