Summary Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice

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Summary - Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice

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  • Wat is de definitie van E-marketing

    Het bereiken van marketing doelstellingen door het gebruik van alle elektronische communicatie middelen.

  • Wat is de definitie van een marketingproces

    Het marketing proces is het op winstgevende manier identificeren van klanten, inspelen op hun behoeftes en hen behouden als klant.

  • Wat is de definitie van customer insight:

    Het werven van informatie over klanten hun behoeften, aankoopgedrag, loyaliteit etc. om zodoende een op maat gemaakte aanbod te doen aan de klant.

  • 1.1.1 Introduction: How have digital technologies transformed marketing

  • Op welke 3 punten meet Richard Dennys de effectiviteit van zijn marketingstrategie?
    1. De betrokken klanten: hoeveel mensen doen iets op de site. Miljoenen mensen komen er op de site, maar hoeveel komen er regelmatig
    2. Aantal beoordeelde plaatsen: de business
    3. Customer journey: hoe elke nieuwe bezoeker zijn weg naar de conversie maakt of door de website?
  • Wat is de visie van Qype?
    Dat cowboys, afzetters en oplichters voor goed uit ons leven worden gebannen.
  • 1.1.2 Definitions: What are digital marketing and multichannel marketing

  • What is digital media?
    Communications (content + services) facilitated by different technology platforms (internet, web, mobile phone, TV, etc)
  • Wat is digital marketing?
    Marketingdoelen bereiken door digitale technologie toe te passen.
  • What is the definition of Digital Marketing?
    Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies
  • What is Online Company Presence?
    Different forms of online media controlled by a company (website, blog, social presences, e-mail, etc.) known as "owned media"
  • What is E-CRM?
    Using digital communications technologies to maximise sales to existing customers and encourage continued usage of online services through techniques including database, personalised web messages, customer services, e-mail and social media marketing.
  • What is Multi-channel Marketing?
    Customer communications and product distribution are supported by a combination of digital and traditional channels at different points in the buying cycle.
  • What are Customer Journeys
    The sequence of online and offline touchpointsa customer takes during a buying process or broader customer experience. Online this may include a range of digital platforms, communications media, websites, pages and engagement devices.
  • What is Paid Media?
    Also known as bought media, a direct payment occurs to a site owner or an ad network when they serve an ad, a sponsorship or pay for a click, lead or sale generated.
  • What is Earned Media?
    The audience is reached through editorial, comments and sharing online.
  • What is Owned Media?
    Different forms of online media controlled by a company including their website, blogs, e-mail list and social media presence.
  • What is an API?
    Application Programming Interface. Method of exchanging data between systems such as website services.
  • What is mobile marketing?
    Marketing to encourage consumer engagement when using mobile phone (particularly smartphones) or tablet devices.
  • What is Location Based Marketing?
    Location or proximity based marketing is mobile marketing based on the GPS built into phones or based on interaction with other local digital devices.
  • What is a mobile App?
    A software application that is designed for the use on a mobile phone, typically downloaded.
  • Mention five types of hardware platforms.
    - Desktop & Laptop computers;
    - Mobile devices (phones and tablets);
    - Gaming platforms (Playstation, XBox, Nintendo);
    - Indoor and outdoor kiosk type apps;
    - Interactive signage;
  • intersection of the three key online media types
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