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Summary - Engel

  • 1 moeilijke woorden h1 en 2

  • remuneration - compensation
    formal words to talk about payments and conditions
  • quallify
    to be able
  • demanding tough and tiring
    work is dificult
  • repetitive
    doing things agian and again
  • nationalized
    companies who are entirly state owned
  • execute
    high level management
  • headhunters
    outside specialist who find people for important jobs
  • statisfying
    the workis interesting an gives you a good feeling
  • laid off, redundent
    when you did nothing wrog but you need to leavethe company
  • executive
    high level management
  • headhunters
    outside specialist looking for people imporantjob
  • boardroom ro
    dissagereemtn between people
  • 3 moeilijke woorden h3

  • recruittment
    proces of finding pEOPLE FOR PARTICULAR JOBS
  • agencies or employment agencies
    a company recruit employees directly
  • turn it down
    the candidate dont take the job
  • 4 moeilijke woorden h4

  • acquire experience
    get knowledge through doing things
  • skill
    ability to do something wel
  • semi skilled
    someone that is specializing in a cetain job
  • qualitifcation
    specialil ability in a subject
  • acquire
    get knowledge of doing something
  • 5 moeilijke woorden h5

  • benefits package
    all the extra things you get in you job, healthplan and bonus
  • share of tock opions
    the right to buy  the companies shares
  • compensation
    money and other benfits if  you are leave the organization
  • fat cat
    high level and benefits what they do not desrve on that leveel
  • fringe benefits
    something extra you get after you get stop working
  • remuneration package or compensation package
    all the pay and conditions  that employees receive
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