Summary Engels 1 Life Student's book Upper intermediate

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This is the summary of the book "Engels 1 Life Student's book Upper intermediate". The author(s) of the book is/are Paul Dummett John Hughes Helen Stephenson. The ISBN of the book is 9781337286121. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

Summary - Engels 1 Life Student's book Upper intermediate

  • 11.1 woorden definitie

  • acquire

    if you acquire knowledge or a skill, you get it by learning about it and practising it
  •  get

    when someone understands something difficult or complicated, you can say that they get it

  • hands-on

    hands-on educational materials let you touch and use things to help you learn about them rather than just read about them

  • interactive

    an interactive system, display, computer program, etc changes what it does in reaction to the way you communicate with it
  •  pick up

    if you pick upa new skill, you learn it over a period of time and without a lot of effort

  • take in

    if you take in information, you read it or see it or hear it and then remember it

  • unaware

    if you are unaware of something, you do not know about it or do not know that it exists

  • by heart
     if you learn something by heart or know something off by heart, you can remember it and repeat it without having to read any of it

  • cram

    if you cram, you do a lot of revision for an exam very quickly and at the last minute

  • democratic

    if an activity is democratic, it is organised in a way that has the agreement or approval of the majority of people who are involved

  • drop out

    if you drop out of a course of study, you stop doing it and leave the institution where you were studying. A person who does this is a dropout

  • ensure

    to ensure that something happens means to make certain that it happens
  •  exam
     an exam is an important test that you do at school or university. When you do it, you are taking an exam. If you pass the exam, you are successful. If you fail the exam, you are not successful
  •  in time

    if you do something or get somewhere in time, you do it or get there before it is too late

  • mark

    mark is the score or grade you get for a piece of schoolwork or an exam. When teachers mark work, they correct it and give it a score or grade
  •  regular

    someone or something that is regular is normal and ordinary, rather than being special or important
  •  revise
     if you revise a subject, you read your notes and textbooks about it in preparation for an exam

  • speak up

    if you speak up, you say in public what your opinion is about something

  • conscious

    if you are conscious of something, you are aware of it and know it is happening or present

  • grateful

    if you are grateful for something, you thank someone and say that you are glad that it has happened or that you have it
  •  recall

    if you can recall something, you are able to remember it. The word recall is rather formal, and the usual word to use is remember

  • selective

    if you are selective when you have a choice, you are very careful about what you choose, and do not choose something unless you are absolutely sure it is the best choice you can make. If you have a selective memory, you pretend that you do not remember certain things, usually because you know they might embarrass you or be unhelpful to you
  •  urgent
     if something is urgent, it is very important and you need to deal immediately
  •  wise
     someone who is wise knows and understands a lot of things and can make sensible decisions. If someone's actions or choices are wise, they have used  their knowledge and understanding very well
  •  beak

    a bird's beak is the hard, sometimes pointed part of the front of its face around its mouth
  •  hesitation
     a hesitation is a short pause before you say or do something, for example because you are nervous or worried about what you are going to say or do
  •  learn from your mistakes

    if you learn from your mistakes, you think about something you did wrong or badly and make sure you do not do the same thing again
  •  learn to walk before you can run

    if you tell someone that they have to learn to walk before they can run, you mean that they are trying to do something too quickly and need to do it step by step to make sure that they are doing it right all the time

  • learn your lesson

    if you have learned your lesson, a painful or embarrassing experience has taught you something you did not know and this knowledge will help you avoid making the same mistake 

  • live with it
     if you tell someone they have to live with it, you mean that they have to accept a difficult situation and not complain any more because there is nothing that can be done to change it

  • mispronounce

    if you mispronounce a word, you say it incorrectly
  •  ripe
     ripe fruit or crops have grown enough to be ready to eat
  •  the tricks of the trade
     the tricks of the trade are good ways to do certain things that most people do not know about

  • walnut

    walnut is a nut (the seed of a tree) that you can eat. It has a very hard, brown shell that you have to break to get to the nut inside

  • enquire

    if you enquire about something, you ask a question intended to get some information about it. The spelling inquire is also used

  • hold back

    to hold someone or something back means to prevent their development or progress in some way

  • previous

    previous means happening or existing at some time before the present
  •  chant

    chant is a word or group of words that people say or sing over and over again

  • deforestation

    deforestation is the process of cutting down trees to clear the land for other uses

  • heal

    if a wound or a broken bone heals, or if something heals it, it recovers and becomes well again
  •  isolated

    an isolated place does not have other houses, towns, or cities nearby

  • multiply

    if something multiplies, it creates more and more of itself

  • reserve
     a reserve is a large area of land where wild animals are protected
  •  asylum
     asylum is the right to stay in a country. It is given by a government to someone who is unable to return to their own country for political reasons

  • dialect
     a dialect is a form of a language that is slightly different from the form that most people use, and is spoken by people in a particular region or from a particular social group
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