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Summary - Final Exam

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  • Following the Civil War, the primary focus of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution was
    To Apply the US Bill of Rights to the States
  • The major significance of the "White Primary" cases for the Development of Civil Rights movement was
    It signified a receptiveness by "racially liberal judges" that civil rights cases would be given a fair trial.
  • The Ultimate goal of the legal strategy of Charles Houston and the NAACP in the Supreme Court Education Cases was
    To eliminate segregation laws created by the Federal and State governments..
  • The significance of Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) was
    It stuck down "Separate but Equal"  doctrine in public facilities across the United States.
  • The first Major Political Protest organized by Blacks in the Civil Rights Movement was
    The Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott
  • The form of Political Protest adopted by Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement was called
    Non Violent Direct Action
  • The 1954 Civil Rights Act addressed All the following EXCEPT
    Ending Arbitrary Gender- Based Discrimination
  • As a result of Congress passing the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, the Supreme Court and the Federal Judiciary
    Became Activist by Ordering Specific Desecration Remedies instead of Remanding the Issues back to the States  
  • The Affirmative Action Cases brought before the Courts attempted to
    Remove the Various "Economic" barriers to participation facing minorities
  • Generally speaking, the Civil Rights Movement can be Characterized as
    All the Above
  • How many Amendments does the Constitution have?
  • What does the Constitution do?
    All of These
  • What is Freedom of Religion?
    The Right to Practice any Religion, or not to Practice Religion.
  • What Is an AMENDMENT
    A Change or Addition to the Constitution
  • What do we call the First Ten Amendments?
    Bill of Rights
  • How Many US Senators are there?
    100 Senators
  • What is The Supreme Law of the Land?
  • What did the Declaration of Independence do?
    Declared Our Independence from Great Britain.
  • What are Two Rights in the Declaration of Independence?
    Life and Libery
  • The idea of Self Government in the First Three Words of the Constitution. What are these Words?
    We the People
  • What is the Rule of Law
    Everyone must Follow the Law
  • What STOPS on branch of government from Becoming Too Powerful?
  • Who  Makes Federal Law
    The US Legislature
  • What are TWO parts of the US Congress
    The Senate and the House of Representatives
  • What is one Right or Freedom from the First Amendment
  • We elect US Senators for how many years?
    6 Years
  • What is one of Texas State Senators?
    John Cornyn
  • The House of Representatives has how many members?
  • We elect a US Representative for how many years?
    2 Years
  • What does a US Senator Represent?
    All the People of the State
  • Why do some States have more Representatives than other States?
    Because of the States Population Size
  • We elect a President for how many years.
    4 Years
  • In what month do we vote for President?
  • Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?
    The President
  • Who is the Chief Justice of the United States
  • If the President can no longer serve who becomes President?
    Vice President
  • What are the two major political parties
    Democratic and Republican
  • Who signs bills to become law?
    The President
  • Why did the Colonists come to America?
    All of These
  • What does the Judicial Branch Do?
    Reviews Laws
  • What is the Highest Court in the US?
    The Supreme Court
  • How many Justices are on the Supreme Court?
  • Why does the flag have 50 Stars
    One Star for Each State
  • Under our Constitution, Some Powers belong to the States.  What is one Power of the States?
    Give a Drivers License
  • Who is the Governor of the State of Texas?
    Gregg Abott
  • What is the Capital of the State of Texas
  • Who is the Commander and Chief of the Military?
    The President
  • What is the political party of the President now?
  • What is the Name of the Speaker of the House?
    Paul Ryan
  • Who vetoes Bills?
    The President
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What is significant about Appomattox
Its the famous site of the surrender of the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee to the union Commander Ulysses S. Grant
What did General Richard Sherman recognize more than any other general
The connection between the South's economy , its morale and its ability to wage war
After a succession of devastating defeats in 1863 why did confederate leaders still believe they could achieve favorable negotiated peace settlement
They hoped that fighting a war of attrition would wear down the Northerners would eventually agree to negotiate ;peace
Why did the greatest challenges of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis come from other Southern Politicians
Their insistence on States Rights made it difficult for the Confederate Government to exert its authority
Why was the US Treasury decision to issue greenbacks a profoundly important development for the US economy
It was the first time US currency could not be exchanged for gold or silver and instead relied on public trust in the Government
What type of legislation was put forth by the US congress during the Civil War.
The plan put forth by Congress favored severe punishment for the south following the Civil war
How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the nature of the Civil War
It transformed the Civil war from a war to restore the Union to a struggle over Slavery
Which of the following statements best describes the Civil war at the end of 1862
The war in the East was a virtual Deadlock
What is the Battle of Fort Donelson
It is the site of First Major Union Victory
Which of the following statements accurately describes the response of increasing number of enslaved African Americans as the Civil war dragged on
They worked in a variety of ways to undermine and weaken the confederacy