Summary Geschiedenis werkplaats vwo 3

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Summary - Geschiedenis werkplaats vwo 3

  • 1 De eerste Wereldoorlog

  • hoe ontstond het begin van de Eerste Wereldoorglog?
    1914 Frans Ferdinand vermoord door de Zwarte Hand ( servie ). Oostenrijk wilde een lesje leren aan Servie, bondgenoot Duitsland. Servie bondgenoot Rusland. Frankrijk wilde een lesje leren aan Duitsland en Rusland zou Frankrijk daarbij helpen.
  • when and where was franz feridinand shot
    28 june 1914 in sarajero capital of the province Bosnia
  • Wanneer begonnen de Olympische Spelen?
    1896 in Athene
  • who killed franz ferdinand
    Gavrillo Pricip member of the terrorist group the black hand which was against the austria hungary empire
  • Wanneer was de LA BELLE ÉPOQUE?
  • when did austria hungary empire attack serbia
    28 of july 1914
    klok Greenwich daar was een sterrenwacht werd als standaard tijd gezien in Londen. 1900 Tijden gelijk gezet vanwege o.a. spoorwegen
  • why did the other countries in europe join
    the alliaiances and there was already a lot of tension
  • what were the 5 reasons that created tension in europe
    1 nationalism
    2 industrialisation
    3 arms race
    4 weaponisation
    5 Allaiances
  • what was the time before WWI called and why
    la belle eqoupe (the beuatiful era) there was peace and lots of ineventions
  • when were the clocks sychronised
    in 1900
  • why was the games differents
    it was about being able to be faster stronger and the stopwatch was inventend and the first marathon was held
  • what was the offical time called
    the greenwich mean time
  • what changes were made for time
    time zones
  • why were people happy to go to war
    everyone thought they were the best millitary in the world and that they would surely win and be home before christmas
  • what is the von Schlieffen plan
    the plan was made by germany and was made to avoid a 2 front war by going through belgium without resistance taking the french by suprise and taking paris and rushing to russia
  • why did the von schlieffen plan fail
    the belgians didnt let the germans get through and they dug themselves in creating trench warfrare
  • why were almost all battles a=during the trench warfare lost
    the generals used old fashion tactics with new fashioned weapons
  • when did russia sign the peace treaty with germany
    at the end of 1917
  • when did america declare war on germany and why
    1917 because the germans had been killing americans as well as tried to make mexico attacke the us
  • when did the ceasfire happen
    on the 11/11/1918 at 11:11
  • where did Keiser Wilhelm flee to
    the netherlands
  • why did germany ceasefire
    there were riots as well as starvation and not enough man and fire power to fight any more
  • what was 1 ofe the tactics the germans use to try and fright the allies
  • is dit een test vraag?
  • test vragen zjin er om te oefenen
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