Summary Geschiedeniswerkplaats : English edition.

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This is the summary of the book "Geschiedeniswerkplaats : English edition.". The author(s) of the book is/are Tom van der Geugten didactics Tom van der Geugten Kim Maclean and Jan van Gestel TiekstraMedia. The ISBN of the book is 9789001771539 or 900177153X. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

Summary - Geschiedeniswerkplaats : English edition.

  • 4.1 from city to empire

  • Where was Rome built?
    on 7 hills along the Tiber river in the region of Latium. (these villages grew towards each other and formed one city
  • What became the official story of the foundation of Rome?
    The legend of Romulus and Remus from around 200 BC, became very popular
  • Who was the last king of Rome?
    Tarquinius Superbus
  • what happened in 509 BC?
    Superbus was kick out and Rome became a republic (no monarch)
  • who were chosen by the people and by who were they supported?
    the consuls (two), the senators (richest men of the city-state)
  • what did Rome do to stimulate trade?
    Rome worked together with other city-states in the region (got richer and richer)
  • why was the trade so important?
    to get enough money to get strong army
  • How could the Romans keep the power over the conquered land?

    the people could keep their land and government but they had to pledge loyalty to Rome and provide soldiers
  • why was Roma a direct threat to Carthage?
    The Romans made more and more contact with other countries and traded to all the places around the Mediterranean sea
  • what was Carthage?
    the capital of a  big empire in North Africa, in Spain and a number of islands including Sicily (founded by Phoenicians)
  • Which people founded Carthage?
    The Phoenicians
  • What happened when Rome tried to conquer Sicily?
    a bloody war between Rome and Carthage
  • What happened in 241 BC?
    Rome succeeded in capturing Sicily
  • Who was Hannibal and what did he do?
    he was a general from Carthage and he crossed the Alps with his army (and 37 elephants) he went to Rome, but the Romans won!
  • what happened to Carthage in 146 BC?
    they were conquered by Rome and became part of the imperium Romanum (Roman Empire)
  • What did they made of Greece, Macedonia, Asian and all the other countries around the Mediterranean sea?
    Roman provinces
  • who ruled a province?
    a Roman governor
  • what did the subjected nations had to provide?
    soldiers, pay taxes (slaves, cereals, olive oil)
  • who was Julius Caesar?
    a powerful general, he was a consul and he had to conquer Gaul (France)
  • what did he do when he had conquered Gaul?
    He organized a huge triumphal procession, he showed prisoners of war, robed goods and also the Gallic leader Vercingetorix
  • What is the title of the book that he wrote?
    De Bello Gallico, this made him very popular in Rome
  • what is a dictator?
    somebody who was appointed to rule alone for 6 months when there was an emergency situation (a powerful ruler)
  • when did Julius Caesar became a dictator for life?
    46 BC
  • how was Julius Caesar murdered and why?
    a few senators were afraid that he would become a kind of king and that they would lose their power. during a meeting of the senate in 44BC they murdered him by stabbing him with knives 23 times.
  • what happened in 27 BC?

    Octavianus (Julius Caesar's cousin) managed to obtain all important functions.
  • what was the title of Octavianus?
    Augustus (he became an imperator)
  • when was the Roman empire at its biggest?
    137 AD
  • what does pax Romana mean?
    a long period of peace when Augustus ruled the Roman empire
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What was speciall about that?
He was the first since Roman times.
When was Charlemagne crowned as emperor of Western Europe?
On Christmas Eve December 800AD.
What did Charlemagne want after he helped the pope?
He wanted to be crowned as the emperor of Western Europe.
When did Charlemagne arrive in Rome?
In December 800AD
What did Charlemagne do to help?
He defeated the opponments of the pope.
Why did pope Leo 3 need help?
The citizens of Rome chased him away.
When did pope Leo 3 ask for help?
How big was charlemagne's empire?
It stretched from Northern Germany as far as Spain and Italy.
Why was the cavalry the strongest part of Charlemagne's army?
The knights were riding horses so they were high above the foot soldiers(they could kill them easily).
Wath was the strongest part of Charlemagne's army?
The cavalry.