Summary Human resource development

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Summary - Human resource development

  • 14 Organization development (sheets)

  • What is organization development?
    Organization development is a process used to enhance both the effectiveness of an organization and the well-being of its members trough planned interventions.
  • What are the 3 key point related to organization development?
    1 Org. development enhances the effectiveness of the organization (achieving org. goals/objectives)
    2 Org. development enhances the well-being org organization members
    3 Org. development enhances the effectiveness of org. and individual well-beinf through planned intervention
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Summarize how evaluation should be conducted:
See image.
Describe RIO:
RIO (return on investment = results / training costs
The greater the ratio of results to costs, the greater the benefit the organization receives by conduction the training program. If the RIO ratio is less than one, then the training program costs more than it returns to the organization.
Describe an employees KSA's (knowledge, skills and abilities):

1 Knowledge: an understanding of factors/principles related to a particular subject
2 Skills: combine abilities with capabilities that are developed as a result of training/experience
3 Abilities: general capacities related to the performance of a set of tasks.

Describe the Baldwin & Ford's transfer of training model.

See image

Motivation is one of the basic elements of human behavior. Describe the model of employee behavior.
See image.
Describe the 4 phases in the training in HRD process (this ia s framework for the hrd process):

1 Needs assessment phase: this involves examining an organization/its environment/job tasks/employee performance. Try to discouver the need/gap within an organization.
2 Design phase: design of HRD program/intervention with clear objectives. Select/develop the content of the program.
3 Implementation phase
4 Evaluation phase: measure effectiveness.

Mention the 8 factors for succesful org. change:
1 Ensure the need
2 Provide a plan
3 Internal support for change/overcome resistance
4 Ensure top management support/commitment
5 External support
6 Provide resources
7 Institutionalize change
8 Pursue comprehensive change
What is the rol of HRD in org. development?
1 Serve on strategic change committees
2 Address the impact of mergers, acquisitions and downsizing on employees
System-wide strategy changes can have 3 dimenions:
1 Size of the change (numbers of employees)
2 Depth of the change (is it limited or does it go to the core values)
3 Pervasiveness of change (how many functions/hierarchical levels will be impacted)
Describe 2 types of change?
1 Cultural changes: complex process of replacing an existing paradigm/way of thinking with another
2 Strategic changes: fundamental changes in the org. purpose/mission requiring system-wide changes