Summary Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications

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This is the summary of the book "Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications". The author(s) of the book is/are Kenneth E Clow, Donald Baack. The ISBN of the book is 9780138157371 or 0138157375. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

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Summary - Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications

  • 1 The IMC Foundation

  • What is communication?
    Transmitting, receiving, processing information
  • Senders?
    Try to capture the customers information,
  • What is encoding?
    Is forming verbal and non verbal cues?
  • Transmission devices?
    Marketing communications move through various channels or media, the channel may be a television station carrying an advertisement.
  • What is decoding?
    Occurs when the message reaches one or more of the receiver's senses
  • Who is the receiver?

    The person who receives the communication message as it was inteded by the message.
  • What is feedback?
    The form of the receivers response to the sender
  • What is noise?
    Anything that distorts or disrupts a message, including marketing communications.
  • What is clutter?
    The most common form of noise, affecting marketing communications.
  • Name two examples of noise:

    Talking on a phone during a commercial on television
    Driving while listening to the radio.
  • What are integraded marketing communications?
    Is the coordination and intergration of all marketing communication tools, avenues and sources in a company into a seamless program, designed to maximise the impact on customers and other stakeholders.
  • What includes the marketing mix?
    Product price, promotion, distribution
  • What is a current situational analysis?
    The process of examining the firms ongoing market situation.
  • What is a swot analysis?

    Identifies a companies internatl strengths and weaknesses, along with the marketing opportunities and threats present in the external environment
  • What are the primary marketing objectives?
    Establishes targets, such as higher sales, an increase in market share, a new competitive competition, or desired customer actions, such as visiting the store and making the purchase.
  • What are the steps of a marketing plan?
    1.Current situational analysis,
    2.Swot analysis
    3.Marketing objectives
    4.Target market
    5.Marketing strategies
    6.Marketing tactics
    7. Implementation.
    8. Evaluation of performance.
  • What does a marketing plan do?
    Provide guidance to company leaders and marketing experts as they coordinate the firms overall communication package.
  • What new trends are affecting marketing communications?

    1. Emphasis on accountability and measurable results.
    2. Changes in task performed.
    3.Emergence of alternative media

  • What does an account executive do?
    Works the advertising agency, seeking to sell, direct, and manage advertising and promotional programs for client companies
  • What is the task of the brand or product manager?

    Oversees a specific brand or line of products for the client company.
  • Who are the creatives?
    These are the individuals who develop the actual advertisements and promotional materials.
  • What is the task of an account planner?
    Represents the voice of the consumer within the agency to the agency's creative staff.
  • How is internet based marketing communications changed?
    It changed form web advertisements to interactive web sites, blogs and social networks.
  • How does an integrated marketing communications program create value?
    1. Advances in information technology
    2.Changes in channel power
    3.Increases in global  competition

  • What is brand parity?
    When consumers believe that most brands provide the same set of attributes. Shoppers select from a group of brands, rather than one specific brand.
  • What is a contact point?
    Any place where customers interact with or acquire additional information about a firm.
  • What are the components of an integrated marketing communication program?
    1.IMC foundations-)Buyer behaviour
    2.Advertising tools--)Design, management
    3.IMC media tools--)Traditional media
    4.Promotional tools--)Sales promotions
    5.Integration tools: Regulation and ethics.
  • What does GIMC means?
    Globally Integrated marketing communications programs.
  • What are the two different strategies marketers employ for global strategies?
  • What is standardization?
    A company features a uniform product and message across countries
  • What is adaption?

    Creation of products and marketing messages designed for and adapted to individual countries.
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Latest added flashcards

what is experiential marketing?
it is direct marketing + field marketing + sales promotion.  Its basic premise is increasing the experience of direct marketing through an interactive connection. Rather than just pass out samples, make it an experience the consumer will remember
What is lifestyle marketing?
it involves identifying marketing methods associated with the hobbies, entertainment and lives of the target audience. It contacts consumers where they go for: Relacation, excitement, socialization and enjoyment.
What is guerrilla marketing?
It focuses on a region or area and involves interacting with consumers in a unique and different way. The goal is to create excitement and buzz. 
What es health marketing?
It uses surreptitious practices to introduce a product to someone or fails to reveal the true relationship with the brand. (like buzz marketing done by a company member itself)
What are 5 buzz marketing preconditions?
- brand must be new, unique or preform better. 
- must stand out
- Advertising should be: Memorable, intriguing, different and unique. 
- Consumers must get involved
- Buzz marketing works because people trust other people opinion. 
What is infection?
IT is when the widespread use of the product begins. It is the best time for a buzz marketing program. 
What is incubation?
It is when the product is being tried by a few innovators and trendsetters. Buzz is easier, but still difficult.
What is inoculation?
It is when a product is introduced. buzz is low.
What is a brand ambassador?
A consumer who likes a brand and uses it. They can spread buzz through personal conversations with people and also online through chat rooms, blogs and emails. 
What is buzz marketing?
It emphasizes consumers passing along information about a product and since it is word of mouth from an individual it has a higher level of credibility.