Summary International Organizations: Pearson New International Edition

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This is the summary of the book "International Organizations: Pearson New International Edition". The author(s) of the book is/are Kelly Kate S Pease. The ISBN of the book is 9781292033594 or 1292033592. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

Summary - International Organizations: Pearson New International Edition

  • 1 Introduction

  • What is an International Organisation
    Formal institutions whose members are states
  • Is an International Organisation an Intergovernmental Organisation (NGO)
    Yes, because the government of nations voluntarily join, contribute financing, and make decisions within the organisation.
  • Name a few NGOs
    The United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the European Union.
  • What types of memberships for IGOs are there
    Universal membership - All states are allowed to join
    Limited membership - Participation is restricted by some objective criteria
  • Give an example of universal memberships
    The United Nations states that UN membership is open to all peace-loving states "which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter, and, in the judgment of the Organisation, are willing to carry out these obligations.
  • How can states become members of the United Nations?
    States seeking UN membership must petition in the UN Security Council, which then makes a recommendation to the general assembly. The general assembly then makes the final decision.
  • Give an example of limited membership
    The Arab League, is a voluntary association of states whose people mainly speak Arabic. his association seeks to strengthen Arab ties and promote common political and economic goals. 

    Nato, a security alliance, limits its membership by restricting it to a combination of specific political, geographic and military considerations.
  • How are IGOs categorised?
    IGOs are categorised by their purpose. IGOs can be multi-or-general purpose organisations, meaning they can take up any international issue. 

    IGOs can also have narrow mandates and thus may focus on specific economic or social issues.
  • Describe the legal context of IGOs
    IGOs have a special legal status under international law in that they have international legal personality.
  • What is the definition of "international legal personality"?
    International legal personality means that IGOs have the capacity to act under international law.
  • How do they obtain international legal personality?
    In order to attain legal personality, the organisation must be a permanent association of states that possess some power that is distinct from that of its own member states with that power being exercised at the international level.
  • Define "International Regime"
    A set of implicit or explicit principles, norms, rules and decision making procedures around which actors' expectations converge in a given issue area.
  • What are NGO?
    NGO are other actors beyond states and NGOs. 

    They are essentially nonprofit, private organisations that that engage in a variety of international activities. They can be orientated towards one or multiple issues.
  • What are NGOs doing?
    NGOs participate in international politics by defining goals , providing information, and giving expert advice.

    They also pressure governments and IGOs through direct and indirect lobbying techniques.
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