Summary Introduction to flight

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Summary - Introduction to flight

  • 1 History of flight

  • The Wright brothers

    a. First Successful Airplane

    b. 1903

    c. North Carolina

    d. The basic problems of mechanical flight, lift, propulsion, and control were solved in the Wright design.


    Leonardo da Vinci

    a. Aerial screw design, Ornithocopter, the da vinci glider

    b. Around 1500

    c. Italy

    d. Theories about drag, concepts for aerodynamics, first design for aviation.


    George Cayley

    a/d. On Aerial Navigation, a three-part article. It is a milestone and for the first time defines the three elements required by an aircraft; lift, propulsion, and control.
    conceives a craft with stationary wings to provide lift and "flappers" to provide thrust. It also has a movable tail to provide control. Cayley is the first to separate the different forces that keep an aircraft in the air, and his engraving is the first recorded drawing of a fixed-wing aircraft -- an airplane

    b. Around 1800

    c. Engeland


    Otto Lilienthal

    a. The glider aircraft and theory

    b. Around 1900

    c. Germany

    d. Lilienthal's research was well known to the Wright brothers, and they credited him as a major inspiration for their decision to pursue manned flight. He did research in aerodynamics around wings.

  • 4 Stability and control

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