Summary Prejudice towards Muslims in The Netherlands: Testing integrated threat theory

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Summary - Prejudice towards Muslims in The Netherlands: Testing integrated threat theory

  • 0 Abstract

  • Integrated threat theory for Dutch adolescents' prejudice towards Muslim minorities (result: 1 out of 2 had negative feelings)
  • Mediatiors: perceived symbolic threat, perceived realistic threat, negative stereotypes. These, but not realistic threat predicted prejudice
  • Effect of in-group identification on prejudice fully mediated by symbolic threat, the effect of contact partially by stereotypes and the effect of endorsement of multicult by symbolic and stereotypes
  • Contact and multicult directly associate with prejudice towards Muslims
  • Theoretical/practical implications of the findings are discussed
  • 667 Introduction

  • After 9/11 increased hostility against Muslims
  • Dutch most negative attitudes against Muslims; they consider Western/Muslim life as opposites that do not go together
  • Understanding the negative factors is practical to prevent negative consequences of intergroup conflicts/discrimination. It's theoretically neat to test the integrated threat theory
  • Perceived intergroup threats good predictors of gender attitudes, attitudes towards immigrants/racial out-groups, towards patients with cancer/AIDS
  • Integrated Threat Theory not yet used for a religious out-group or strong negative attitudes
  • Also, symbolic threat, realistic threat and stereotypes are mediators for the relationships between endorsement of multicult ideology/intergroup contact quantity and prejudice towards Muslims
  • 678 Discussion

  • IIT explained a substantial part of variance in prejudice against Muslims, mediations appear called for, different types of threat seem called for.
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