Summary Product, Service, Customization

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Summary - Product, Service, Customization

  • 1 Services

  • What are services?
    • intangible
    • heterogeneous
    • simultaneously produced and consumed
    • perishable
  • Servitization is a business model innovation where a manufacturer of products expand the scope of transactions with customers by offering product related services and, hence, more encompassing solutions
  • Servitization involves the innovation of an organizations capabilities and processes so that is can better create mutual value trough a shift from selling product to selling Product-ServiceSystems (PSS)
  • 2 Customization

  • What means mass customization?
    the production of goods and services for a (relatively) large market,
  • What are the mass customization types?
    • Collaborative customizers 
    • Adaptive customizers 
    • Cosmetic customizers 
    • Transparent customizers 
  • What is Collaborative customizers?
    Conduct a dialogue with individual customers to help them articulate their needs to identify the precise offering that fulfils those needs, and to make customized products for them
  • What is Adaptive customizers?
    Offer one standard, but customizable, product that is designed so that users can alter it themselves
  • What is Cosmetic customizers?
    Present a standard product differently to different customers
  • What is Transparent customizers? 
    Provide individual customers with unique goods or services without letting them know explicitly that those products and services have been customized for them 
  • What needs mass customization meets?
    • differentiation option
    • cost option
    • relationship option
  • What is differentiation option?
     certain product characteristics
  • What is cost option?
    costs roughly corresponding to those of standard mass-produced goods 
  • What is relationship option?
    a lasting individual relationship with each customer
  • 3 Product quality

  • 8 Dimensions of Quality
    1. Performance
    2. Features
    3. Reliability
    4. Conformance
    5. Durability
    6. Serviceability
    7. Aesthetics
    8. Perceived Quality
  • Sequence of ServQual?
    1. Management Perceptions of customer expectations
    2. Service quality specifications
    3. service delivery
    4. perceives service
    5. expected service
    6. personal needs
  • What is ESQUAL?
    • Efficiency
    • Fulfillment
    • System availability
    • Privacy
  • What is ERescSQUAL?
    • Responsiveness
    • Compensation
    • Contact
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