Summary Red book unit 1 and 2

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Summary - Red book unit 1 and 2

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  • a
    One; every or each ; used when saying how much of something there is.
  • about
    relating to a particular subject or person
  • about
    used before a number or amount to mean approximately.
  • activity
    aomething that you do, especially to enjoy yourself.
  • actor
    someone whose job is to perform in plays and films.
  • after
    when a time or event has happened.
  • afternoon
     the time between the middle of the day, and the evening.
  • again
    once more
  • age
    the number of years that someone has lived, or that something has.
  • agree
    to have the same opinion as someone.
  • always
    every time, or at all times; at all times in the past; Forever.
  • aristic
    showing skill and imagination in creating things, especially in painting.
  • away
    to or in a different place or situation
  • back
    where someone or something was before.
  • be good at
    to be able to do something well.
  • beach
    an area of sand or rocks next to the sea.
  • bee
    a flying insect that has a yellow and black body and makes honey.
  • beegives
    a special conainer where people keep bees
  • beekeeping
    looking after bees in order to produce honey
  • bike
  • Biology
    the study of living things
  • book
    pages of paper together in a cover for people to read; a set of pages fastened together in a cover and used for writing on.
  • boy
    a male child or young man.
  • breakfast
    the food you eat in the morning after you wake up.
  • British
    coming from or relating to The United Kingdom.
  • CD
    compact disc : a small disc on which music or information is recorded.
  • Chemistry
    the scientific study of substances and how they change when they. 
  • cinema
    a cuilding where you go to watch films.
  • class
    a group of students who have lessons together.
  • club
    an organization for people who want to take part in a sport or social activity together, or the building they use for this.
  • complete
    to finish doing or making something 
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