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Summary - Shakespeare

  • 1 shakespeare life and works

  • Where and when was William Shakespeare born?
    23 APril 1564, Statford-Upon-Avon (county: warwickshire)
  • Shakespeares parents
    John Shakespeare and Mary Arden 
  • Shakespeares sister who lived longer than him
  • WIlliam had ... zusjes en ... broertjes
    2 zusjes. 3 broertjes. ( 2 'zusjes' waren al dood )
  • Local Grammar school (naam, lestijden, vakantie)
    King Edward VI . Lessons: 6.00 - 17.00. Vacation: 8 weeks
  • Who and when did WIlliam marry?
    Anne Hathaway, November 1582
  • How many children did Anne and WIlliam get?
    3: Susan and the twins Hamnet (dieed young, at 11) and Judith (Married unhappily)
  • Who and when did Susan (daughter WIlliam) marry?
    Doctor John Hall in 1607
  • Waarom Shakespeare Statford moest verlaten volgens een populaire legende:
    he had been caught poaching deer on the property of a local nobleman
  • The lost years 
    1585- 1592
  • Why had the authorities the theaters in London closed in 1593?
    Due to bubonic (plague) which was mostly called Black Death
  • About Black death
    - it caused black spots on the skins
    - sailors brought it from China to Sicily in the 14th century
    - 1357-1352: killed one third of the European population (25 million people) 
    - it kept ravaging Europe for ages
    - Because of this the authorities closed theatres in LOndon in 1593
  • 1603
    - King James I volgde Elizabth I op
    - The Lord of Chaimberlain's men was changed into the King's men
  • 1594
    Shakespeare became one of the founders of the Lord of CHaimberlain's men (an acting company)
  • Where was the Globe Theatre built ?
    on the south bank of the river Thames in Bankside, Southwark, London
  • Which play is said to be Shakespeares first one?
    The comedy of Errors
  • Early plays from Shakespeare
    THe comedy of Errors
     A midsummernight's Dream
    Romeo and Juliet
  • First historical tragedy
    Titus Andronicus
  • Shakespeares great tragedies 
    - Hamlet (1599-1601)
    - Othello (1604)
    - King Lear (1605)
    - Macbeth (1605)
    - Anthony and Clepatra (1607)
  • 1608
    - shakespeare started collaborating with John Fletcher (together they wrote Henry VIII) 
    - the shakespeare company started playing at Blackfriars (indoor theatre)
  • 1613
    The Globe Theatre burned down during a performance of Henry VIII
  • plays in the Blackfriars 
    romances (comedies) like: The Winter's Tale and The Tempest
  • Shakespeares dead
    - April 23, in 1616. Burried in the Chancel of the Holy Trinity Church. 
  • Where did Shakespeare live when he became rich 
    The NEw Place in Statford
  • 1623
    the First Folio, edited by John Heminges and Henry COndell. --> 36 plays
  • 1592
    Robert Greene, an untalented jealous playwright, called shakespeare an upstart crow, whcih proved that Shakespeare had become very successful
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