Summary Studiestof Technology Innovation Strategy

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Summary - Studiestof Technology Innovation Strategy

  • 1 Introduction

  • Boek doornemen adhv slides

  • 1.2 Invention and innovation

  • What is the definition of invention?

    Invention refers to the new idea or concept as such (e.g. a patent). This becomes an innovation when it is introduced to the market.

  • What is innovation about?

    Is about finding new ways to do things and to obtain strategic advantage. It is the succesful exploitation of ideas.

  • What is innovation?

    The first commercial application or production of a new product or process


    What is the process of diffusion?

    The process of user acceptance and implementation


  • The whole process of invention, commercialisation and diffusion is invention. Some innovations are not based on inventions check boek

  • 1.3 Forms of innovation

  • What three forms of innovation exist?

    Product innovation, Process innovations and Service innovations

  • What three other forms of innovation exist (II)

    Product, Service and Process

  • Name innovation examples of the three forms of innovation (II)

    Product: Ipod/ballpoint pen
    Service: Telephone insurance, social networking
    Process: Moving assembly line, social networking

  • Why whe interact; kind of process

    Process; way of producing

  • Name three forms of innovation (III)

    Sustaining innovations
    Radical innovations
    Disruptive innovations
    Incremental innovations
    Modular innovations
    Architectural innovations

  • What is a sustaining innovation?

    Not in same course as innovations before, large innovation ; car going faster instead of a plain. Same path of innovation before.


  • What is an incremental innovation?

    Tiny/small innovation; small steps in the same direction

  • What is a radical innovation?

    Air into fuel. Completely new innovation.  Usually technical

  • What is the difference between a sustaining and a radical innovation?

    A sustaining  innovation is a large leap forward but still in the same line of thought. Radical is usually technical.

  • What is a disruptive innovation?

    Disruptive technologies, doing different things steal making.

  • Book makes mistake with radical/technical and disruptive/business

  • What is a modular innovation?

    Within a modular not a system.

  • What is an architectural innovation?

    Change linkage between components

  • Name a characteristic of a radical innovation

    Technical and it is a container term; everything really different

  • 1.4 Typology of innovation

  • What are the different typlogies of innovation?





  • What are the differences between the different typologies of innovation?

    Reinforced, unchanged: incremental
    Reinforced, changed: architectural

    Overturned, unchanged: modular

    Overturned, changed: Radical

    Concerning components/core concepts and system/linkages

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What is the definition of invention?
What is innovation about?
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