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This is the summary of the book "The Geo / 2 Havo/Vwo / Deel Coursebook ". The author(s) of the book is/are Chris de Jong. The ISBN of the book is 9789006433913. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

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Summary - The Geo / 2 Havo/Vwo / Deel Coursebook

  • 1 South Africa and Argentinia, two countries with two faces

  • What's the name of a very famous island just off the coast of Cape town?
    Robben Island
  • Why is Robben Island famous?
    Robben Island is famous because it used to be a prison for people who criticized the South African government. Now it's a museum.
  • What is the system that was called apartheid?
    - The population was divided into whites, blacks and mixed race people
    - They all had to live separately (separate schools, separate neighbourhoods, separate buses, separate beaches and separate prisons) (by law)
    - The whites had all the power
    - Apartheid was abolished in 1990
  • How can you see the consequences of the apartheid in prisons?
    - black prisoners and mixed-race prisoners lived together in a prison
    - white prisoners have their own prisons
    - black prisoners had only a shirt and shorts to wear, the mixed-race prisoners also had trousers and a hat.
  • Who was the most famous prisoner on Robben Island?
    The most famous prisoner on Robben Island was Nelson Mandela. He spent 27 years there because of his political opinions. 
    Het was released in 1990, and he became the first president of the new South Africa.
  • Why does sout Africa calls itself the 'Rainbouw Nation'?
    South Africa calls itself the 'Rainbouw Nation to show that it's a country where white, black and mixed-race people live together.
  • Where's South-Africa?
    South Africa is in Sub-Saharan Africa, the cultural region south of the Sahara.
  • What's a cultural region?
    Large region with similar cultural characteristics.
  • Why was Nelson Mandela in prison?
    He was in prison for political reasons (he opposed) apartheid).
  • Can they imprison you for political reasons in the Netherlands?
    No, there's freedom of speech in the Netherlands.
  • What do people mean by the 'new South Africa'. 
    South Africa after apartheid, with a democratically elected government.
  • 1.1 Focus on South Africa

  • South Africa has different climates;

    • Desert climate
    • Steppe climate
    • Sea climate (dry winters)
    • Sea climate (precipitation all year)
    • Mediterranean climate
  • A lot of people in South Africa speek Afrikaans, which is a bit like Dutch, why?
    A long time ago South Africa was a Dutch colony.
  • what is an onshore wind?
    they brings air from the indian ocean
  • the sout african hiterlands lies on a plateau at an altuitude of 1000-2000 metres
  • The interior (binnenland) of South Africa lies on a plateau at an altuitude of 1000-2000 metres
  • o a how much altitude lays johanesburg?
    1700 metres
  • what is the biggest country in south africa?
  • how high is the drakensberg?
    3000 metres 
  • give a row from the most south africans to the smallest
    blacks 80% - whites 9% - mixed-race 9% - indians 2%
  • who were the first immigrants in soucth africa?
    dutch people
  • what is mixes-race
    black whit white , indian whit black
  • when was the apartheid?
    from 1948-1990
  • what is apartheid?
    the government decided that black people were less important than white so they didn't could go to the swimmingpool, a aparte wc etc.
  • what are homelands?
    black small isolated areas 
  • can black people live in white areas ?
    yes but they have to staay in townships
  • what is a segration system?
    system that saperated black people from the whites
  • no good development indicators are in south africa?
    lieracy, physician, distribution, life expencaty
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Mediterranean climate
Warm, dry summers and mild winters WITH precipation
How is the climate on the plateau?
- the climate is drier and cooler than on the east coast.
- It isn't very warm there in summer.
- Sometimes there are even a few degrees of frost in winter.
South Africa has 5 different climates
Mediterranean climate
Sea climate with precipitation throughout the year
Sea climate with dry winters
Dessert climate
Steppe climate
what means urbanization pace?
that much people are moving from the country to the city in a small amount of years
why does nike makes hi clothes and shoes in china
because they can make it for low prices and the people work here for low wages and they didn't have to pay much texas 
give a example of  multinational?
what happens after 1980?
free market economy
special economic zones
china was different untill 1980 , what was different?
communist country
planned economy 
what is a one-child policy?
you can have only one child otherwise you have to pay much fine
how much is the population increasing every year?
15 million