Summary The Miracle Morning The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM

ISBN-10 1473668948 ISBN-13 9781473668942
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This is the summary of the book "The Miracle Morning The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM". The author(s) of the book is/are Hal Elrod. The ISBN of the book is 9781473668942 or 1473668948. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

Summary - The Miracle Morning The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM

  • 0 Miracle Morning success stories and results

  • 0 Miracle Morning success stories and results
  • 0.1 A note to you, the reader

  • What do Hal Elrod and Pim ten Have have incommon?
    Both want to improve their life, and selfs
  • 0.2.1 The Miracle Morning Community

  • Albert Einstein said their are two ways to live your life. Which ones?
    1. One as though nothing is a miracle.
    2. The other as though everything is a miracle.
  • 0.3 Introduction

  • 0 Introduction
  • 0.3.1 My story, and why yours is the one that matters

  • 0.3.1 My story, and why yours is the one that matters
  • 0.3.2 An unimaginable reality

  • An unimaginable reality because of permanent brain damage
  • 0.3.3 You only live ... twice?

  • "11 fractured bones, permanent brain damage, ex-girlfriend broke up in hospital. Life will never be the same."  

    How would this turn out?
    To be a good thing
  • Instead of complaining Hal tried another approach. What did he do and how?
    He embraced how things where and took responsibility for getting his life back. By focussing on moving forward.
  • What kind of reasons should we choose for challenges, events and circumstances of our lives?
    The most empowering reasons
  • What painful realization did Hal get at his intended last Cutco conference?
    That he never fulfilled his full potential
  • Hal had two reactions to setting his double best year goal. Wich ones?
    He was 1) Terrified, but 2) Committed
  • Hal ventured from his painfully comfortable realm of mediocrity. Into which space did he go?
    The space of being extraordinary
  • At the end of 2005 Hal reached both goals; doubling best year and completing his book. 

    What has become official by that point?
    Anything is possible, when you are committed
  • Turn every adversity into an advantage
  • What was the question his friend asked after he confessed how bad things gotten?
    Are you exersizing?
  • Why should you start running?
    It'll help you feel better and think clearer
  • What did Hal create?
    A daily personal development routine
  • 0.3.4 Taking your life head on

  • You have to refuse to blame anyone else for any aspect of your life.

    What do you need to do and when?
    Take full responsibility for everything from this moment on
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Latest added flashcards

In this chapter Hal takes 5 people who change there lives forever through the Miracle Morning. What is a good success principle to live by?
If they can do it, I can do it
What does the average person have on a physical, relationship and financial level ?
Low energy levels, struggling to make it work and not earning as much as they truly want
What do we do when we are presented with opportunities or adversity?
Check our rear-view mirror
The Miracle Morning 30-Day Transformation Challenge will build a foundation for success.What three pillars of succes does practising the Miracle Morning touch each and every morning?
Personal Development
The Miracle Morning 30-day life transformation challange transforms the direction of your life. What does immediately and ultimately change as a result of change of direction?
Immediately your quality of life and ultimately where you end up.
What is on the other side of The Miracle Morning 30-Day Life Transformation Challenge?
Me - becoming the persen I need to become to create everything I've ever wanted for my life
For who is true freedom reserved?
For everyone who is capable of making the choice to take on challenges out of our comfort zone
What kind of gift was on the other side of the second 26-mile line?
The gift of freedom from fears, self-doubt and self-imposed limitations
What did Hal say to fight his constant battle with the voice of mediocrity that was saying it was "okay to quit"?
Do what is right, not what's easy
What are the three phases of habit mastery?
Unbearable, uncomfortable and unstoppable