Summary Words Unit 5

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Summary - Words Unit 5

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  • atmosphere
    the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth or any other star, planet etc.
  • beach
    an area of small stones or sand beside the sea
  • campaign
    a plan to do a nuber of things in order to achieve a special aim
  • breeze
    a light wind, especially, a pleasant one
  • carbon dioxide
    a gas with no colour or smell that people and animals breathe out of their lungs
  • climate
    the normal weather conditions of a particular region
  • competition
    an organised event in which people try to win sth
  • crop
    all the plants that are grown on farms for food
  • desert
    a large area of land, usually covered with sand, that is hot and has very little water and few plants
  • drinking water
    water that is safe to drink
  • drought
    a long period without rain
  • entertainment
    music, film, etc. to interest/amuse people
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  • the environment
    the natural world, for example the land, air and water, in which people, animals and plants live
  • event
    a planned public or social occasion
  • fine
    a sum of money that you have to pay for breaking a law or rule
  • flood
    a large amount of water that has spread from a river, the sea, etc and that covers an area which should be dry
  • flooding
    a situation in which a large amount of water covers an area which should be dry
  • fog
    a thick white cloud that forms close to the land or sea
  • forest
    a large area of land covered with trees
  • fossil fuel
    a natural fuel such as coal or oil that was formed million years ago
  • gale
    a very strong wind
  • global warming
    the increase in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Cause by the increase in certain gases
  • the greenhouse effect
    the warming of the earth's atmosphere as a result of harmful gases, etc in the air
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