Summary Workbook for Surgical Technology Principles and Practice

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This is the summary of the book "Workbook for Surgical Technology Principles and Practice". The author(s) of the book is/are Joanna Kotcher Fuller. The ISBN of the book is 9780323292344 or 0323292348. This summary is written by students who study efficient with the Study Tool of Study Smart With Chris.

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Summary - Workbook for Surgical Technology Principles and Practice

  • 1 The Surgical Technologist

  • The professional association for surgical technologist is the ______
    Association of Surgical Technologist
  • ______ demonstrates that a surgical technologist from an accredited program has achieved a minimum level of knowledge and skills.
  • Certification for the surgical technologist is ______
  • Certification differs from licensure in that certification _______
    is not currently mandatory to practice in all 50 states
  • The profession of surgical technologist is defined today as a result of
    rapid monumental developments in technology in general
  • The need for assistive personnel in surgery did not arise until
    World War II
  • During World War I, _____ worked on the battlefield to offer aid and comfort to the wounded.
  • A new profession was born in the Army for the Corpsman; it was named:
  • Registered nurses continued to fill the role of the scrub, or "instrument" nurse until about
  • The association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) published a book called
    teaching the Operating Room Technician
  • In _____ the AORN board of directors created the _____
    1968, Association of Operating Room Technicians
  • AORT stands for?
    Association of Operating Room Technicians
  • In an effort to formalize technologist's education, AORT created two new committees, which are the Joint Review Committee and the
  • At the national level, AST provides the following support to ST students and graduates
    1. maintains practice standards, code of ethics, and code of conduct for ST
    2. publishes a professional journal, The Surgical Technologist
    3. Holds annual conferences for surgical technologist and educators
  • It is important for students to become active members of AST to promote
    standards of the profession
  • As a body of professionals, surgical technologist are supported by a number of key organizations and partners. Each has a designated role in
    Promotion, certification, accreditation, and continuing education
  • The accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA) provides educational recommendations and ______ required for accreditation of programs in surgical technology and surgical first assisting
  • Which of the following organizations oversees certification and credentialing for the surgical technologist?
  • Accreditation is granted to a school only after?
    full on-site visit
  • Surgical technologist are trained in?
    1. 2-year colleges
    2. military
    3. proprietary certificate programs
  • The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) is another ____ accrediting body.
  • Certification through the Association of Surgical Technologist requires?
    1. graduation from an ABHES-accredited school
    2.graduation from an Armed Forces program
    3. graduation from a CAAHEP -accredited school
  • Certification demonstrates
    standard of knowlwdge
  • To be eligible to take the certification exam, the applicant must meet all requirements EXCEPT
    1. be a graduate of an accredited program (ABHES and CAAHEP)
    2. currently be a CST
    3. be a graduate of military program
    4. have 7 of the last 10 years documented scrub experience
    have 7 of the last 10 years documented scrub experience
  • Suzie has taken the CST exam and passed. For Suzie to keep her certification without retaking the exam, she must ?
    maintain continuing education (CE) credits
  • The non-sterile member of the surgical team is called?
  • The surgical technologist who works in a hospital or other facility that provides 24-hour care is usually required to?
    Be on call
  • The larger picture cast the surgical technologist's role as a combination of four areas of health care and technology. EXCEPT
    1. educator and preceptor
    2. participant in leadership and management
    3. patient care provider in the peroperative setting
    4. specialist in sterilization
    specialist in sterilization
  • _____ has particular attributes, attitude, and behavior that reflect a high standard of accountability, ethics, honesty, and respect for people.
    A professional
  • _____ means to be trustworthy, reliable, and responsible, not only on the job, but at all times and in all areas of one's life.
    Personal integrity
  • _____ is when a professional maintains professional demeanor even under stress.
    Consistency in character and behavior
  • _____ is when health care professional are required to comply with many types of regulations and rules, including those of their institution (school or health facility), state, and federal laws.
    Respect for rules, regulations, and law
  • _____ requires health professionals to work in many difficult situations requiring diplomacy and good judgment.
    Discretion and tact
  • Suzie was working on an emergency c-section. Suzie was in a rush and did not have good ______, which causes her to misplace an instrument.
    organizational skills
  • The successful surgical technologist usually possesses the qualities of _____. Once the professional begins working, these qualities can be enhanced through personal growth, or they can be lost through job stress or personal crisis.
    caring and empathy
  • Suzie was scheduled to scrub a total knee replacement. This case requires to have ______, which allows her to work quickly and deftly, sometimes with complex or very small instruments.
    Manual dexterity
  • The surgical technologist is in motion during most of the procedure, preparing equipment or passing instruments in the correct spatial position. This requires moderate to intense _______.
  • Who maintains retraction of tissue?
    second assistant
  • scrub, gown, and glove self and team members?
    Scrub role
  • who's role, communicates effectively with the surgeon to prevent errors, such as passing the wrong instrument.
    scrub role
  • Team role - non-sterile team member who assists the RN
  • Team role -Assist the hemostasis as directed by the surgeon.
    Second assistant
  • Team role - Specialist in the preparation, handling, and use of instruments.
    Instrumentation specialist
  • Team role - Irrigating the surgical wound, especially in microsurgery.
    Second assistant
  • Team role - Teaching others while scrubbed.
  • Team role - Pursue an advanced degree in hospital administration and management.
    Leadership and management
  • Team role - Skills and knowledge required for this role are the processes of sterilization and disinfection, inspection of and troubleshooting equipment, and assembly of instrument tray.
    Instrumentation specialist
  • Team role - Maintain a "dry" surgical site by operating suction deviced and appropriate use of surgical sponge.
    Second assistant
  • Team role - Ensure patient chart, including results of diagnostic, permits, and preoperative checklist, accompanies the patient into surgery.
  • Team role - Prepares instruments and supplies on the sterile field.
    Scrub role
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