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Summary - worldwide hv3

  • 1 B 1

  • zijn

    be, was/were, been

  • verdragen


    bear, bore , borne

  • verslaan

    beat beat beaten

  • worden

    become became become

  • beginnen

    begin began begun

  • buigend

    bend bent bent

  • wedden

    bet bet bet

  • binden

    bind bound bound

  • bijten

    bite bit bitten

  • bloeden

    bleed bled bled

  • blazen

    blow blew blown

  • 1.1 B 2

  • breken

    break broke broken

  • broeden

    breed bred bred

  • brengen

    bring brought brought

  • uitzenden

    broadcast broadcast broadcast

  • bouwen

    build built built

  • branden

    burn burnt burnt

  • barsten

    burst burst burst

  • kopen

    buy bought bought

  • 1.2 C

  • vangen

    catch caught caught

  • kunnen

    can could 

  • kiezen

    choose chose chosen

  • zich vastklemmen

    cling clung clung

  • komen

    come came come

  • kosten

    cost cost cost

  • kruipen

    creep crept crept

  • knippen/snijden

    cut cut cut

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