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Summary - WR

  • 5 Stolen Identity

  • Online information has becoma a gold mine for the advertising industry
  • what is a cookie, and what does it
    a piece of computer code placed on a PC
    it acts like a marker or a digital stamp, identifying the user to the internet.

  • Cookies leave ...
    a permanent trace around the Internet, helping tech firms to log every website we visit
  • privacy campaigners fear
    the chilling consequences of allowing companies to build up databases of information
  • What is PittPatt and how does it work
    - it's a facial recognition
    - this software can scan someone passing through a building and within seconds check if they are on Facebook.
  • Why is the nickname of Acxiom 'cyberazzi'
    they sell personal information to companies without consumers even knowing it.
  • 6 Welcom to my bunker

  • what are preppers
    they're preparing for the end of the world
  • preppers have been around since
  • prepping began ..
    as a survivalist movement after the Colg War
  • the number have risen since (4)
    - computer bug Y2K
    - 9/11 terrorist attack
    - natural disasters
    - the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012
  • the recesion has only added ..
    to the sense of paranoia
  • possible scenarios are (3)
    - an elactromagnetic pulse
    - a pandemic
    - an ecnomic crash
  • the real question is ...
    is life worth it after a disaster. would life in a bunker eating freeze-dreid food, really be any kind of life at all?
  • 7 Youtube Superstars

  • youtube was born on
    23 April 2005
  • the first video on youtube was:
    a video from the elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo
  • how do you become youtube partner(2)
    you have to own all the rights to your content
    you have to check a box to allow adverts
  • 8 The way up to Heaven

  • all her life Mrs Foster had an almost ...
    pathological fear of missing a train, a plane, a boat etc.
  • when Mrs Foster got nervous..
    the tiny muscle in the corner of her left eye would began to twitch.
  • Mrs Foster was going to Paris
    to see her only child Ellen and her three grandchildren
  • Mrs wanted to live in..
    Paris, even Mr Foster didn't want to
  • when Mrs Foster arrives at the airport she hears that
    the flight is postponed
  • Mr Foster ordered a cab at ... in the morning
    9 o'clock
  • When they finally sit in the car, Mr Foster forgets a tiny present, a :
  • Mrs Foster writes to New York, she writes on... which always ended with the words..
    now be sure to take your meals regularly, dear, although this is somehting i'm afraid you may not be doing when I'm not with you.
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what is a cookie, and what does it
Cookies leave ...
privacy campaigners fear
What is PittPatt and how does it work
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