Samenvatting Biology.

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Dit is de samenvatting van het boek "Biology.". De auteur(s) van het boek is/zijn Deborah Wüst, Onno Rook Sally Hill Gemma Stekelenburg OVD Educatieve Uitgeverij ' s STOCK XCHNG. Het ISBN van dit boek is 9789059758476 of 9059758471. Deze samenvatting is geschreven door studenten die effectief studeren met de studietool van Study Smart With Chris.

Samenvatting - Biology.

  • 1 Behaviour

  • how do you call the first step of digestion?
    mecanical digestion
  • 1.1 What is behaviour

  • what is behaviour?
    that is everything that an animal or human does and how it does this
  • what is stimulus?
    the change in the environment
  • what is the response?
    the reaction 
  • what are external stimuli?
    that is that you change outside of your bodie
  • give 2 examples of external stimuli
    1 you touches a hot potato and that is maybe pain you don't eat it than (response)
    2 someone bites in your finger that hurts , you give him a punch(response)
  • what is internal stimuli?
    that you have pain or you are hungry/thursty
  • what is external stimuli?
    you get a question from your teacher or you see the sun shining 
  • what are motivating factors?
    making a noice because he cannot response to all of the students
  • what is nature?
    how a human his behaves by his genes
  • what is nurture?
     how a human his behaves by environmental influences 
  • what is sign stimulus?
    a stimulus that always has the same responds
  • what is supernormal stimulus?
    you do something to look better or do parfum on to smell good
  • 1.3 learning

  • what is the critical period ?
    you learn your family , that can only in a short period
  • what is imprinting?
    birds do the first move they see usualy is that move from the mother but sometimes from something else a human than they domit the same as the human
  • what is clasical conditioning?
    a natural stimulus (like food) is replaced with a neutral one (like a bell)
  • what is imitation?
    copying someone else
  • what is trial and error?
    a way of learning
  • what is opperant conditioning?
    also a way of learning, you can learn by staps how it goed
  • 1.4 behaviour in humans

  • what is culture?
    your language , group of people ,countrie
  • what are norms?
    that are rules which everybody within a group has to follow
  • what are values?
    are things you think that is important for yourself 
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