Samenvatting Biology.

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Dit is de samenvatting van het boek "Biology.". De auteur(s) van het boek is/zijn Deborah Wüst, Onno Rook Sally Hill Gemma Stekelenburg OVD Educatieve Uitgeverij ' s STOCK XCHNG. Het ISBN van dit boek is 9789059758476 of 9059758471. Deze samenvatting is geschreven door studenten die effectief studeren met de studietool van Study Smart With Chris.

Samenvatting - Biology.

  • 1 Behaviour

  • how do you call the first step of digestion?
    mecanical digestion
  • 1.1 What is behaviour

  • what is behaviour?
    that is everything that an animal or human does and how it does this
  • what is stimulus?
    the change in the environment
  • what is the response?
    the reaction 
  • what are external stimuli?
    that is that you change outside of your bodie
  • give 2 examples of external stimuli
    1 you touches a hot potato and that is maybe pain you don't eat it than (response)
    2 someone bites in your finger that hurts , you give him a punch(response)
  • what is internal stimuli?
    that you have pain or you are hungry/thursty
  • what is external stimuli?
    you get a question from your teacher or you see the sun shining 
  • what are motivating factors?
    making a noice because he cannot response to all of the students
  • what is nature?
    how a human his behaves by his genes
  • what is nurture?
     how a human his behaves by environmental influences 
  • what is sign stimulus?
    a stimulus that always has the same responds
  • what is supernormal stimulus?
    you do something to look better or do parfum on to smell good
  • 1.3 learning

  • what is the critical period ?
    you learn your family , that can only in a short period
  • what is imprinting?
    birds do the first move they see usualy is that move from the mother but sometimes from something else a human than they domit the same as the human
  • what is clasical conditioning?
    a natural stimulus (like food) is replaced with a neutral one (like a bell)
  • what is imitation?
    copying someone else
  • what is trial and error?
    a way of learning
  • what is opperant conditioning?
    also a way of learning, you can learn by staps how it goed
  • 1.4 behaviour in humans

  • what is culture?
    your language , group of people ,countrie
  • what are norms?
    that are rules which everybody within a group has to follow
  • what are values?
    are things you think that is important for yourself 
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what is genotype?
is the compelte set of all your inherited characteristics
what did you inherited from your parents?
hair colour, skin colour, etc.
what produces the egg cells and sperm cells ?
the pituitary gland (gland is klier) they transfer information to the next generation
where are they responsible for in the male body?
body shape - formation of face and chest hair - deeper voice - penis
where are they responsible for in the female body?
body shape - menstruation - pregnancy - formation of organs like breasts vagina 
where are sex hormones responsible for?
development of specific male and female characteristics 
give 3 things what are controlled by the hormones
reproduction system
endocrine syste
what are hormones?
hormones control for instance growth,development and glucose levels in your blood
Wich organs does food travels trough?
The mouth, oesophagus, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and finally the anus