Samenvatting Cell biology

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Samenvatting - Cell biology

  • 1 Cell biology

  • Where are cells a basic unit for?
    All life on earth
  • Which typical cells are there
    Blood and bone cells
  • Where do all organisms exist out?
  • Where do all cells come from?
    Pre-existing cells
  • What if cells are too small?
    Not all elements fit in
  • What if cells are too large?
    Exchange surface gets to small
  • Prokaryotic

  • What do prokaryotic cells not have?
    Cell nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles
  • In which organisms do prokaryotic cells live?
    Unicellular organisms (bacteria)
  • Eukaryotic

  • What are Eukaryotic cells?
    Membrane-bound organelles
  • What can Eukaryotic cells do?
  • Where do Eukaryotic cells live in?
    Multi-cellular organisms (plant,animals)
  • Activities

  • What do cells capture and release?
    Energy (feed or sun)
  • What do cells processing?
    Materials (Transport,production and digestion of moleculs)
  • What do cells process?
    Information (signals from environment)
  • Other cell activities are
    Reproducing and communicating
  • Organic components

  • Name 4 organic components of the cell
    1. Carbohydrates
    2. lipids
    3. Nucleotids: DNA and RNA
    4. amino acids and proteins
  • 1.2 Proteins

  • What do proteins build?
  • What do proteins provide?
  • What do proteins digest?
    Molecules (enzymes)
  • What do proteins copy?
    DNA & RNA
  • What do proteins send and receive?
    Messages (hormones, nerve system)
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