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- 2015 - 2016
- NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda (NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda, Breda)
- Facility Management
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Samenvatting - Class notes - Operations

  • 1449270000 Operations Lecture 1.1

  • Define Operations Management
    Operations management is the management of processes that convert inputs (such as labour, materials and energy) into output (in the form of goods and services)
  • What are inputs of Operations management?
  • What are outputs of Operations management?
    -Judgement (perceived value)
  • What are the core processes in Operations Managment?
    -Order fulfillment process
    -Customer relation process
    -Supplier relation process
    -Product and service development process
  • What are the 5 types of organizational forms?
    1. Simple = Small companies, entrepreneur is owner
    2. Functional = Based on function, Marketing, HRM
    3. Divisional = Based on division in products, markets, regions
    4. Conglomerate = different businesses in one
    5. Hybrid = mix of several organizational forms
  • What are the 4 V's?
    1. Volume of output
    2. Variety of products or services offered
    3. Variation in demand
    4. Variability
  • What does Volume of output mean?
    The scale, how many customers are served, how many products are produced
  • What does variety of products or services offered mean?
    Size of product range,number of different services
  • What does variation in demand mean?
    Demand changing over time, per day, per season
  • What does variability mean?
    Possibilities in customization
  • What are the 3 types of operation?
    1. Materials processing operations (MPO's)
    2. Customer processing operations (CPO's)
    3. Information processing operations (IPO's)
  • What is a MPO?
    A materials processing operation is usually referred to as manufacturing
  • What is CPO?
    A customer processing operation is usually referred to as a service
  • What is IPO?
    A information processing operation is usually referred to as services (knowledge)
  • What are the differences between CPO's MPO's? (services and manufacturing)
    -Heterogeneity (Variability) 
    -Simultaneity (and inseparability)
  • What is another definition of operations management?
    Operations Management is the planning and organizing of the production of goods and delivery of services
  • Core functions within an organization:
    -Sales & Marketing
  • 1449356400 Operations lecture 1.2

  • What are order qualifiers?
    Characteristics of a product or service that are required for them even to be considered by a customer, such as holding a recognized quality standard (e.g. ISO 9000) or being able to fly directly to a customers destination airport. Having more of these factors will not normally give firms opportunities to do more business
  • What are order winners?
    Those characteristics which directly contribute to winning business from customers, such as speed of delivery or the flexibility to increase or decrease production output to meet demand. They are key reasons for customers to purchase goods or services and improving the performance of these factors may result in increased business.
  • 5 Performance Priorities OQ's and OW's:
  • Competing on costs:
    -Value added
    -Manufacturing cost
    -Service cost
    -Running cost
    -Selling price
  • Competing on quality:
    -Perceived quality
    -Value for money
    -Technical durability
  • Competing on dependability:
    -Delivery performance
    -Ability to keep promises
    -Price performance
    -Schedule adherence
  • Competing on flexibility:
    -Output quality
    -Modified product
    -Resource mix
    -New product
    -Material quality
  • Competing on speed:
    -Delivery speed
    -Production speed
    -New product development speed
    -Delivery frequency
    -Quote generation
  • What is lean production?
    A systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. 
  • What is agile manufacturing?
    Aims at quick turnaround of small batch lots at competitivecost. Agile manufacturers use information technology in machinecontrol and production planning, and to leveragedecision makingskills and faster flow of information among all departments.
  • What is mass customization?
    Produce to order, directly send to dealers, JIT, empowerment of workers
  • What are the 4 types of market structure?
    1. Perfect competition
    2. Monopolistic competition
    3. Oligopoly
    4. Monopoly
  • How do market structures influence operations management?
    -Strength of buyers and sellers
    -Degree of collusion (samenspanning) amongs sellers and/or buyers
    -Level of competition
    -Product differentiation
    -Easy to enter the market?
  • Industrial market segmentation (B2B perspective)
    -Demographics: industry, company size, customer location
    -Operating variables: company technology, product/brand use status, customer capabilities
    -Purchasing approaches: purchasing function, power structure, buyer-seller relationships, purchasing policies, purchasing criteria
  • Customer Market Segmentation (B2C perspective)
    -Geographic variables: include such criteria as region of the world, country, population density, climate type, or degree of urbanization
    -Demographic: include gender, age, family size and type, income, occupation, education level, religion, enthnicity
    -Psychographic/lifestyle: consumer's activities, interests, attitudes, opinions and values
    -Behavioural: based on how consumers act towards certain product and services
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