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- 2015 - 2016
- NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda (NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda, Breda)
- Facility Management
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Samenvatting - Class notes - Operations

  • 1449270000 Operations Lecture 1.1

  • Define Operations Management
    Operations management is the management of processes that convert inputs (such as labour, materials and energy) into output (in the form of goods and services)
  • In religious parables hospitality refers to
    Unconditional commitment and altruism
  • Egw
  • What are inputs of Operations management?
  • The relationship between a host nation and migrant is an example of hospitality in the
    Social domain
  • Gew
  • What are outputs of Operations management?
    -Judgement (perceived value)
  • Hospitality experience is defined as
    Voluntary interaction between a guest and a host
  • Rgw
  • What are the core processes in Operations Managment?
    -Order fulfillment process
    -Customer relation process
    -Supplier relation process
    -Product and service development process
  • Which of the following answers is an example of functional value
    The navigation system that directs you from A to B
  • Eht
  • What are the 5 types of organizational forms?
    1. Simple = Small companies, entrepreneur is owner
    2. Functional = Based on function, Marketing, HRM
    3. Divisional = Based on division in products, markets, regions
    4. Conglomerate = different businesses in one
    5. Hybrid = mix of several organizational forms
  • Which of the following answers is an example of a core product according to gronroos product levels?
    The fried egg which is served as part of full English breakfast
  • T5ht
  • What are the 4 V's?
    1. Volume of output
    2. Variety of products or services offered
    3. Variation in demand
    4. Variability
  • Which of the following answers is a correct statement about skim pricing
    Skim prices are perceived as high in relation to what most buyers are willing to pay
  • Frw
  • What does Volume of output mean?
    The scale, how many customers are served, how many products are produced
  • If the appearance of a product changes, but it esstially continues to perform the same function we are talking about
    Evolutionary change
  • What does variety of products or services offered mean?
    Size of product range,number of different services
  • Ryanairs no-frill experience is an example of a… service
    Product focused
  • What does variation in demand mean?
    Demand changing over time, per day, per season
  • Business loding property refers to a classification according to
    Type of facilities offered
  • What does variability mean?
    Possibilities in customization
  • The capability of rapidly and efficiently adapting to changes is known as one
  • What are the 3 types of operation?
    1. Materials processing operations (MPO's)
    2. Customer processing operations (CPO's)
    3. Information processing operations (IPO's)
  • Analyzing social-demographic trends is an example of a
    Contextual analysis
  • What is a MPO?
    A materials processing operation is usually referred to as manufacturing
  • Scenarios offer:
    A detailed view of how the environment might develop in the future
  • What is CPO?
    A customer processing operation is usually referred to as a service
  • According to blabla there are five basic quality dimensions used to identify differences between guest expectations and perceptions of service quality, these are:
    Tangibles, empathy, responsiveness, assurance, reliability
  • What is IPO?
    A information processing operation is usually referred to as services (knowledge)
  • In the gaps model, gap 1 refers to
    The gap between the management perception of guests expectations and the actual expectations
  • What are the differences between CPO's MPO's? (services and manufacturing)
    -Heterogeneity (Variability) 
    -Simultaneity (and inseparability)
  • In general, typically overly satisfied guests would fill in a guest satisfaction survey. This phenomenon is seen as a limitation of surveys and it is called
    Polarization of response
  • What is another definition of operations management?
    Operations Management is the planning and organizing of the production of goods and delivery of services
  • What is the main reason let guest wait at bar
    Demand of kitchen is spread
  • Core functions within an organization:
    -Sales & Marketing
  • When some aspect of the product and service are performed again… occur
  • Providing consistent level of service within hospitality business is complex because
    It means all sub systems must be connected to produce and deliver service at the same time
  • According the choices that employees make between various behavioral alternatives is a function of three perspectives. When an employee think she will receive a reward from doing a job well this is
    Instrumentally reward
  • In communication lot of types most important to les
    Non verbal, intonation, words
  • A leader who acts as a role model towards his followers would be a
    Transformational leadership style
  • A employee who is able but unwilling needs
  • The management of wide variety of accommodation types such as offices factories and retail outlets is also known as
    Facility management
  • When production service and consumption take place in the same location we speak about
    Integrated foodservice system
  • According to the judgement of the quality of a specific service is based on 3 categories
    Outcome quality, physical quality, interaction quality
  • Consumer decision making generally goes through five stages what is second
    information research
  • What is an example of self-actualization
    After failing an assessment you analyse what you did right and wrong
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