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Samenvatting - Cross Cultural Management Engels

  • 2 History UK

  • Which kinsg fought the Battle of Hastings?
    William the Conqueror versus Harold
  • When was the Battle of Hastings?
  • Battle of Hastings had consequences for the language, what were the consequences?
    French influences
  • When was Magna Carta?
  • Which King was involved by Magna Carta
    King John (Jan zonder land)
  • Magna Cara is seen as the beginning of..
    He was seen as the beginning of the parliament and taxation
  • When was the Church of England grounded?
  • How was Henry VIII involved by the Church of England
    He formed the church because he wanted the right to divorce and re-marry. He wanted multiple marriages. He bacame the head of the Church of England so he had absolute power.
  • Consequences? (Role of king in Church of England)
    Everyone had to change religion, from Catholic to Protestant
  • What was the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I  and Shakespear
    Shakespear's relationship with Queen Elizabeth I was strictly professional. She was a fan of the arts and was audience at least one of his plays.
  • Why do you think the arts flourished in the Elizabethan age?
    In Elizabethan age there was a lot of appreciation for poetry and their writers. It was seen as a development for the people.
  • Where in Britain did the industrial revolution start?
    In the North of England. All the national resources that they needed were there.
  • When weas the Industrial revolution?
    around the years 1720-1840
  • What is urbanisation?
    The process by which towns and cities are formed and become larger as more and more people begin living and working in central areas.
  • How big was the Britisch Empire?
    The Britisch Empire was the biggest empire ever. At one point it covered 1/3 of the world population, 458 million people. This was at the empire's peak. At it's geographical peak it covered 33.670.00 km2. the empire was covered on every continent and every ocean. Between 1819 and 1910 it reached it's peak of power and around 1921 it reached it's peak in surface.
  • When did the trouble in Ireland start
    Trouble in Ireland started in 1916
  • Who are the unionists/loyalists
    protestants who want to be part of britain
  • Who are called 'orangemen'
  • When was bloody sunday
    30th January 1972
  • Who are IRA
    Irish Republican Army
  • Which war is meant when they say 'The Great War'?
    World War I
  • What are Trences
    Trences are: loopgraven
  • What was the role of churchill in WWII
    Churchill was from the conservative party. He was voted as the biggest state leader ever
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Which kinsg fought the Battle of Hastings?
When was the Battle of Hastings?
Battle of Hastings had consequences for the language, what were the consequences?
When was Magna Carta?
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