Samenvatting Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice

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Samenvatting - Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice

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  • Wat is de definitie van E-marketing

    Het bereiken van marketing doelstellingen door het gebruik van alle elektronische communicatie middelen.

  • Wat is de definitie van een marketingproces

    Het marketing proces is het op winstgevende manier identificeren van klanten, inspelen op hun behoeftes en hen behouden als klant.

  • Wat is de definitie van customer insight:

    Het werven van informatie over klanten hun behoeften, aankoopgedrag, loyaliteit etc. om zodoende een op maat gemaakte aanbod te doen aan de klant.

  • 1.1.1 Introduction: How have digital technologies transformed marketing

  • Op welke 3 punten meet Richard Dennys de effectiviteit van zijn marketingstrategie?
    1. De betrokken klanten: hoeveel mensen doen iets op de site. Miljoenen mensen komen er op de site, maar hoeveel komen er regelmatig
    2. Aantal beoordeelde plaatsen: de business
    3. Customer journey: hoe elke nieuwe bezoeker zijn weg naar de conversie maakt of door de website?
  • Wat is de visie van Qype?
    Dat cowboys, afzetters en oplichters voor goed uit ons leven worden gebannen.
  • 1.1.2 Definitions: What are digital marketing and multichannel marketing

  • What is digital media?
    Communications (content + services) facilitated by different technology platforms (internet, web, mobile phone, TV, etc)
  • Wat is digital marketing?
    Marketingdoelen bereiken door digitale technologie toe te passen.
  • What is the definition of Digital Marketing?
    Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies
  • What is Online Company Presence?
    Different forms of online media controlled by a company (website, blog, social presences, e-mail, etc.) known as "owned media"
  • What is E-CRM?
    Using digital communications technologies to maximise sales to existing customers and encourage continued usage of online services through techniques including database, personalised web messages, customer services, e-mail and social media marketing.
  • What is Multi-channel Marketing?
    Customer communications and product distribution are supported by a combination of digital and traditional channels at different points in the buying cycle.
  • What are Customer Journeys
    The sequence of online and offline touchpointsa customer takes during a buying process or broader customer experience. Online this may include a range of digital platforms, communications media, websites, pages and engagement devices.
  • What is Paid Media?
    Also known as bought media, a direct payment occurs to a site owner or an ad network when they serve an ad, a sponsorship or pay for a click, lead or sale generated.
  • What is Earned Media?
    The audience is reached through editorial, comments and sharing online.
  • What is Owned Media?
    Different forms of online media controlled by a company including their website, blogs, e-mail list and social media presence.
  • What is an API?
    Application Programming Interface. Method of exchanging data between systems such as website services.
  • What is mobile marketing?
    Marketing to encourage consumer engagement when using mobile phone (particularly smartphones) or tablet devices.
  • What is Location Based Marketing?
    Location or proximity based marketing is mobile marketing based on the GPS built into phones or based on interaction with other local digital devices.
  • What is a mobile App?
    A software application that is designed for the use on a mobile phone, typically downloaded.
  • Mention five types of hardware platforms.
    - Desktop & Laptop computers;
    - Mobile devices (phones and tablets);
    - Gaming platforms (Playstation, XBox, Nintendo);
    - Indoor and outdoor kiosk type apps;
    - Interactive signage;
  • intersection of the three key online media types
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How can organisations make efficiency gains?
- Decision information costs
- Quality costs
- Factor costs (level of activity: labour costs, material costs, misc. costs)
What are online exchanges or trading hubs?
Websites where buyers and sellers trade goods and services online and vary according to the size and number of companies using them and the type of commodity traded
Difference between vertical and horizontal marketplace?
Buying or selling using a vertical marketplace can increase operating efficiency and help to decrease supply chain costs, inventories and cycle time. Horizontal emarket places connect buyers and sellers across different industries or regions.
What different types of e-marketplaces exist?
1. B2B independent e-marketplace (operated by third party)
2. Buyer oriented e-marketplace
3. Supplier oriented e-marketplace
What are the business benefits in ursing e-procurement?
1. Control
2. Cost
3. Process
4. Individual Performance
5. Supplier Management
What are the main types of e-procurement in B2B?
1. E-sourcing (finding pot. new suppliers)
2. E-tendering (RFI, RFP)
3. E-informing (Qualifications of suppliers for suitability)
4. E-reverse auctions (Enables purchasing company to buy goods and services in lowest price)
5. E-MRO and web-based ERP: purchase and supply of products which are core of most e-procurement aplplications

What are 3 areas of relationship marketing activities where significant effiency gains can be made in B2B?
1. Post sales CRM
Buyer- Seller Relationships - Electronic Billing - Self service technologies - Online product registration - online technical support
2. Market Research
Online Surveys - Online focus groups
3. Knowledge Sharing
New Product Development - Online Advertising Knowledge Sharing - Online Sales Knowledge - Online Service Knowledge - Addressability
What marketing model is used to acquire costumers in B2B?
1. Stage 1: Inbound marketing focusing on search, online, PR and display advertising
2. Stage 2: Engagement devices such as video, whitepapers or other forms od market education material
3. Stage 3: Offering access to permissopn based content valuable by registering on site
4. Stage 4: Leads are followed-up through personlised email sequences
What are the key differences in applying comm. tools for B2B Marketing?
1 Search Engine Marketing: withing some specialist markets, volumes can be much lower meaning that search marketing will deliver few leads although they can potentially be high value.
2. Online PR: Content Marketing (whitepapers, video's) are key communications, tools, particularly in prof. service markets.
3. Online partnerships: Affiliate marketing tends to be less relevant, but can be useful. Other forms: ambassador programme
4. Display advertising: is relevant!
5. Opt-in email marketing: While using email to build relationships is prevalent within B2B Marketing. There are also options for using emailing for acquisition (renting permission based email lists)
6. Social media marketing: LinkedIn
What are the three main types of organisational markets?
1. Industrial Markets
(raw materials, tangible goods)
2. Reseller Markets
Organisations that buy products and services in order to resell them
3. Government Markets
Government agencies and bodies