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Samenvatting - Engels wordlist chapter 4-7

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  • accrue
    if advatages accrue to you, you get these advantages over a period of time
  • aggravate
    to make a bad situation, illness, or injury worse
  • archipelago
    a group of small islands
  • Backpacker
    Someone who is travelling for pleasure, usually not with not very much money, and carrying a backpack
  • (to) bear
    To bravely accept or deal with something that is unpleasant
  • biodegredable
    Biologisch afbreekbaar*
    a material that is biodegradable can be destroyed by natural processes, in a way that does not harm the environment.
  • biodiversity
    the number of different plants and animals in a particular place
  • breeding ground
    a place where animals go in order to make and have baby's
  • burden
    to cause a lot of problems for someone
  • chambermaid
    a women whose job is to clean and tidy hotel bedrooms
  • compulsory
    if something is compulsory, you must do it
  • crew
    all the people who work togerther on a ship, plane etc.
  • degradation
    the process by which something changes to a worse condition
  • dolphin
    a very intelligent sea animal with a log grey pointed nose
  • economical
    unsing money, time, good etc. carefully anf without wasting any
  • endangered
    in gevaar brengen*
    in danger of being hurt, damaged or destroyed
  • equator
    The imagerary line around the earth, that is exactly the same distance form the Notrh Pole and the South Pole
  • erosion
    verwering/ erosie*
    the process by which rock or soil is gradually destroyed by wind, rain or the sea
  • flora and fauna
    all the plants and animals living in a particular place or country
  • fun-loving
    someone who is fun-loving seeks amusement and enjoyment
  • gamble
    trying to win money by playing games (like cards of guessing a result of a race)
  • garbage
    waste material such as paper or thrown away food
  • hand-in-glove
    Sterke band/close band*
    working together, often to do something dishonest
  • harass
    * to deliberately annoy or threaten someone
  • hedonistic
    believing that pleasure is the most important thing in life
  • highlight
    to make a subject or problem noticeable so people will pay attention to it
  • host community
    mensen die andere mensen in huis nemen om te helpen*
    the people who life in the area tourists come to visit
  • hull
    the main part of a ship that goes into the water
  • humidity
    the amount of water that is in the air
  • indiginous
    naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place, native
  • influx`
    vloeimiddel/voordurende wijziging*
     the arrival of large numers of people or things
  • infrastructure
    the basic systems that a country or organization needs in order to work properly, for example roads, railways, banks etc.
  • landscaping
    changing the appearance or design of an area of land to make it more attractive and interesting
  • leak
    if something leaks, it escapes slowly away thouhg a small hole or crack
  • lethargy
    doffe onverschilligheid*
    having no energie, so that you feel lazy or tired
  • lush
    having a lot of green and healthy plants or leaves
  • mainland
    the main part of an area of land that form a country, not the islands that are near it
  • marina
    a small port or area of water where people keep boats used for pleasure
  • market stall
    a atble outdoors where goods are sold
  • money laundering
    when money that has been obtained illegaly is put into legal businesses or bank accounts in different countries
  • outweigh
    zwaarder wegen dan*
    to be more important or valuable than someone else
  • peninsula
    a piece of land that is almost completely surrounded by water but is joined to a larger area of land
  • pest control
    bestrijden (van plagen)*
    measures taken against animals or insects that destroy crops or food supplies
  • pollute
    to make air, soil, water etc dirty or dangerous
  • proceedings
    doorgaan/verder gaan*
    a series of things that happen in a planned and controled way, for example in a meeting
  • provider
    a company or person that gives a service
  • rave party
    a big event where people dance to loud music with a strong beat
  • reap
    to get something, especially something good, because of the hard work you have done
  • recycling plant
    a place for treating used objects or materials so that they can be used again
  • safeguard
    a law, agreement etc that protect someone or something
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vloeimiddel/voordurende wijziging*
 the arrival of large numers of people or things
a place where a concert, sports game etc takes place
task forse
a group of people who work together for a short time to solve a problem
stand to gain
to be in a position to benefit from something
put on
op gang brengen*
to arrange for an event to take place
pull out
to withdraw (opvragen) from something such as a project
to change the date or time of an event to a later one
not yet done, paid or solved
null and void
geen waarde*
having no legal authority
a large tent used at an outdoor event or party