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Samenvatting - Geography

  • 1 Colonization and landscape

  • From when on did the the colonists inland?
    from 1800
  • What had they to travel through?
    through dense forests, across dry grassy plains, hot deserts, and mountains that were difficult to cross. 
  • 1.1 The shifting frontier

  • When was America discovered?
    in 1492
  • What did America look like at that time?
    It was an empty continent with very little man-made landscape. Half a million Indians lived there, but they were spread over an enormous area as big as Europe. 
  • What did the immigrants do there?
    they built houses and started to farm there
  • What is colonization?
    making a region fit to live in and developing it or human use.
  • Who were the fist immigrants and what did they do?
    The English, on the east coast they founded thirteen colonies.
  • What happened in 1776?
    the thirteen colonies declared their independence from England. Together they formed the United States of America (US).
  • From when on got immigration really get going?
    until between 1840 and 1920.
  • Why did it really get going then?
    Many problems in European countries: hunger, poverty and unemployment. Wars were ought and not every country had freedom of religion or expression.
  • How many Europeans emigrated to America?
    more than 30 million 
  • Were there also some who traveled to the west?
  • What is the frontier?
    The border between the area where the European colonists lived and the 'Wild West'is called the frontier.
  • 1.2 Landscape at forty degrees

  • In what Landscape do you start when you travel New York to San Francisco?
    at the Coastal Plain on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean 
  • Where to you end when you travel from New York to San Francisco?
    at the Coastal Ranges on the edge of the Pacific. 
  • What are the mountain stretching from north to south in the east?
    the Appalachians 
  • And what are the mountains in the West?
    The Rocky Mountains (and coastal mountains)
  • What are the differences between the Appalachians and the the Rocky mountains?
    Appalachians are low mountain range: 500-1500 m
    They appalachians are old mountain range
  • Where do the extensive Interior Plains lie?
    between the "Rockies"in the west an the Appalachians in the east.
  • What are the interior plains?
    This is a large-scale agricultural area that is mostly flat
  • What is the east part of the Interior plains?
    lower than 500 m (coastal Plain) and is known as the Central Plain. A lot of maize is grown in this region, which is known as the Corn Belt. 
  • What happens when you further to the west?
    the landscape is drier and gradually increases in altitude: the Great Plains.
  • What kind of relief are the Great Plains?
    a plateau (higher than 500 m)
  • What does the vegetation look like in this area?
    natural vegetation of prairie grasses (steppe).
  • What does the agriculture look like in this area?
    In this region crops can only be grown with irrigation water pumped out of the ground. The farmers grow wheat, so the area is called the Wheat Belt. This is also a region of extensive livestock farming?
  • What is and extensive livestock farming look like?
    Farming with few animals per hectare, with livestock roaming enormous grassy plains
  • What is to the west of the Rocky mountains?
    the Great Basin, an area of plateaus that are about 1,500 m high
  • What does the landscape look like there?
    it is extremely dry, it is characterized by bare rocks, dry grasses and cacti.
  • Is there some rain?
    yes, there is more rain closer to the coast 
  • Why is so dry there in the hundred-kilometre wide,elongated Central valley
    Because it lies in the rain shadow of the surrounding mountains.
  • What do farmers grow in this area?
    citrus fruits, rice and vegetables with the help of irrigation 
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From when on did the the colonists inland?
What had they to travel through?
When was America discovered?
What did America look like at that time?
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