Samenvatting Marketing fundamentals

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Samenvatting - Marketing fundamentals

  • 1.1 The meaning of marketing

  • What does marketing include?
    All the activities that bring buyers and sellers together
  • Name the 4 P's
    1. Product
    2. Prijs
    3. Plaats
    4. Promotie
  • What is the definition of marketing?
    Marketing is the process of developing , pricing, Promoting and distributing products, services or ideas that tailored to the market
  • Instead of trying to find buyers for your products, make sure to develop the right products and strategies for selected customers. Decisions should be based on market analysis
  • What are the basics of an organisation?
    Production and marketing
  • The 4 P's of the marketing mix are:
    1. Product
    2. Price
    3. Place (Distribution)
    4. Promotion (Communication)
  • What is a target market?
    The part of the market that an organisation concentrates on and wants to turn into customers
  • 1.2 Levels of marketing systems

  • Name the levels of marketing systems?
    • Macromarketing
    • Mesomarketing
    • Micromarketing
  • What is Macromarketing?
    As a process that must function effectively for a society as a whole to realise its economic objectives
  • What is Mesomarketing?
    Marketing that refers to collaborating organisations in the supply chain
  • What is Micromarketing?
    Involving the marketing decisions within the individual company 
  • 1.3 Development of the marketing mindset

  • 1900--> Production orientation --> 1950 --> Selling orientation --> Marketing orientation --> Relationship Marketing --> 2000
  • What is the Production concept?
    Customers want inexpensive  and widely available products
  • What is the Product concept?
    Customers want the best products, including all ''Bells and whistles''
  • What is the selling concept?
    Customers only buy if they are pressed - With a foot between the door
  • What is the marketing concept?
    To get loyal satisfied customers, the target markets needs and wants must be factored into all decisions
  • What is the Societal marketing concept?
    Balancing the interests of customers (satisfaction of needs), the company (profits) and society (long-run human welfare)
  • The focus of the Seller's market?
    Production and quality
  • The focus of the Buyers market?
    Increased sales, market orientation and client relationship
  • What is relationship marketing?
    The objective is to cultivate long-term and trusting relationship with loyal customers as well as with suppliers, intermediaries and other stakeholders.
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What do you do when developing a positioning strategy?

You create a clear, powerful and consistent image for your products - relative to those of competitors - that will occupy a prominent position in the customer's mind

What does the market grid approach do?

It helps in selecting the best target market

The segment of buyers that the company selects as its market, and for which it develops specific marketing activities, is k nown as the...

Target market

How is it called if you concentrate on only one market segment?

Niche strategy.

Concentrated market, what is the goal?

Aiming only at a narrow portion of the market, hoping to gain a high market share and a strong position in that part of the market.

Differentiated strategy =

To develop several marketing programmes and aim them at different segments of the market. In that case, we focus on at least 2 market segments.

What are the six macroenvironmental factors?  (DE STEP)
  1. Demographic    -->> population, households, purchasing
  2. Economic             -->> economy, consumer confidence, competition
  3. Political-legal      -->> regulations, subsidies, laws
  4. Ecological             -->> pollution, government, environtmental movements
  5. Technological     -->> product innovation, timing, technical know-how
  6. Socio-cultural      -->> standard, values, consumerism
What is the macroenvironment?

Conditions and developments that a company faces as a whole. 

What are the 4 main public groups?
  • Financial institutions
  • the media
  • government
  • interest groups
What is meant by 'benchmarking'?

Analysing the policies and performance of companies in a strategic group.