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Samenvatting - MIBO

  • 1 Oh/Rugman

  • examines
    firms specific factors that affect global strategies.
  • global production strategy
    whereby firm size and managerial capabilities determine both a global strategy and a pure global integration strategy
  • if a CSA is a downstream advantage then
    the MNE will not use a global sales strategy
  • if a CSA is an upstream advantage then
    the MNE will not use a global production strategy
  • Firm specific factors: R&D capability


    Global production

  • Firm specific factors: Firm size & managerial capabilities 

    Global sales / global integration
  • Financial capability & growth orientation 

    Global integration

  • Marketing capability & strong domestic CSA’s 
    Regional integration
  • 2 Hall/Gingerich

  • institutional complementarities
    when the presence of one set of institutions raises the returns available from the other
  • varieties of capitalism
    firms are central actors in the economy
  • LME (liberal market economy) - firms:
    short term
  • LME - suppliers
  • LME
    • firms coordinate with other actors are coordinated by competitive markets
    • characterized by arms-length relations  and formal contracting
    • relations between firms and other actors are coordinated by competitive markets
    • markets are fluid
    • little support for credible commitments
    • >firm rely on market coordination
    • firms face large equity markets with high levels of transparency and dispersed shareholding
    • USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • CME - firm
  • CME- employee
    long term
  • CME- suppliers
  • CME:
    • firms coordinate with other actors through processes of strategic interaction 
    • markets are imperfect
    • there is institutional support for the formation of credible commitments
    • > firms rely on strategic coordination
    • firms closely connected by dense networks of cross shareholding and employers associations
  • Result
    evidence suggests that labor market deregulation is likely to produce large economic gains only in nations where financial markets are correspondingly fluid.
  • 3 Anderson/Coughlan

  • distributors
    local companies who have knowledge of foreign markets
  • entrant tend to
    • reinforce channel choices, adding new products
    • erect a protective, restrictive governance structure
    • integrate the distribution of products where differentiation protects them from price competition
    • distribute substitutableproducts through independent middlemen
    • use middlemen when introducing products to non-western markets
  • integration of the distribution channel function is more likely:
    • greater level of transaction - specific assets
    • more differentiated products
    • already an integrated distribution channel
    • culture of the country is similar
  • Anderson & coughlan summarize the entry mode as:
    a choice between company's owned or controlled methods: intergrated and independent
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global production strategy
if a CSA is a downstream advantage then
if a CSA is an upstream advantage then
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