Samenvatting Stats Data and Models

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Samenvatting - Stats Data and Models

  • 1 Stats starts here

  • What is statistics?

    A way of resigning, along with a collection of tools and methods, designed to help us understand the world.

  • What are statistics?

    particular calculations made from data

  • What are data?

    Data are values along with their context.

  • Where is statistics about?

    Statistics is about variation.

  • What is one of the interesting chalanges of Statistics?


    Here can be more than one right answer. 

  • 2.1 But what are data?

  • What do data contain?

    Who, what, when, where (and if possible) Why. Often we add How to the list as well. 

  • What do the 'data questions' tell us?

    What the context for the data values is.

  • What items do you need at least to have data?

    Who and what

  • 2.2 Data Tables

  • Why do we make data tables?

    To organize the values and make the context of the data clear.

  • 2.3 who

  • What do rows of a data table correspond with?

    Individual cases about Whom (or which- if they're not people) we record some characteristics.

  • What are respondents?

    Individuals who answer a survey.

  • What are subjects?

    People on whom we experiment.

  • What are participants?

    People on whom we experiment.

  • What are experimental units?

    Animals,  websites or other inanimate subjects on which we experiment.


  • What are records?

    Rows in a database


  • What is another word for record?


  • What is a sample?

    Cases selected from some larger population.

  • What does 'representative' mean?

    The sample of a population is able to generalize  the larger population.

  • 2.4 What and why

  • What are variables?

    Characteristics recorded about each individual.

  • How do you really understand your variables?

    Think about what you want to know.

  • What do units tell you?

    How each value has been measured.

  • What is a categorial variable?

    A variable that names categories and answers questions about how cases fall into those categories.

  • What is a quantitative variable?

    A measured variable with units answers questions about the quantity of what is measured.

  • What should you do when it isn't clear if a variable is categorial or quantitive?

    Think about Why you are looking at it and what you want it to tell you.

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