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Samenvatting - Syllabus Culture studies

  • 0 Spain in numbers

  • Which 4 languages are spoken in Spain?
    Castilian (castellano)
    Catalan (catalán)
    Basque (euskera)
    Galician (gallego)
  • What is the capital of Spain?
  • What is the governing form of Spain?
    Constitutional monarchy
  • Who is the head of state in Spain?
    King Felipe VI de Borbón
  • Who is the prime minister of Spain?
    Pedro Sánchez
  • 1.1 Geographical location

  • In which part of Europe is Spain situated?
    In the south-west on the Iberian Peninsula
  • What is the name of the island formation in the Mediterranean Sea?
    Balearic Islands (las Islas Baleares)
  • Which five islands belong to the Balearic Islands?
  • Which Spanish island formation is situated in the Atlantic Ocean?
    Canary Islands (las Islas Canarias)
  • Which 7 islands belong to the Canary Islands?
    Gran Canaria
    La Gomera
    La Palma
    el Hierro
  • What are the names of the two enclaves that Spain possesses in Morocco?
  • What is the name of the enclave in France?
  • 1.2 Climate

  • Sistema Bético + Sierra Nevada + 
    Pirineos + Cordillera Cantábrica encompass a large central highland that is divided in 2 parts.
    1. Composed of the Submeseta Norte.
    2. Submeseta Sur.
  • What is the highest mountain peak on the mainland of Spain?
    Mulhacén in the Sierra Nevada
  • What is the highest mountain peak in the Spanish territory?
    The Teide on Tenerife
  • Atlantic Sea climate in the north and west. Temperature in winter never below 0 and in summer between 20-22 degrees.
  • Mediterranean country climate in the centre. Precipitation in spring and autumn. Evaporation is an important factor which completely nullifies the effect of rain.
  • Mediterranean sea climate in the coastal areas of east and south Spain. Hot summers and mild winters.
  • What kind of climate do the Canary Islands have?
    Subtropical climate
  • 1.2.1 Hydrography

  • Spain and Portugal form the Peninsula. It is partially surrounded by water.
  • What are the 3 largest waterways of Spain?
    Duero (895 km)
    Tajo (1007 km)
    Guadiana (778)
  • Which river is important for the economy and shipping industry?
    Guadaquivir (657 km)
  • By which river is the Catalonian coast dominated?
    Ebro (910 km)
  • The north-west is a home to many broad river branches = rías. Divided in narrow Rías Altas and the wide and long Rías Bajas.
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Since when is Spain a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy?
When did Spain become a monarchy again?
How many muncipalities does Spain have?
Over 8100
In which two provinces was Canarias split in 1927?
Las Palmes 
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
In how many provinces was Spain divided in 1833?
What were the abilities of the autonomous regions?
To self-govern certain political-administrative, economic and cultural areas.
How many autonomous regions were formed?
When did Felipe II turn Madrid in the capital of Spain?
Between which periods did Felipe II rule?
1556 - 1598
When did Carlos I abdicate?