Samenvatting The Islamic world

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Samenvatting - The Islamic world

  • 1 The islamic world, a cultural region

  • What is the Islam?
    one of the worlds main religion.
  • How many people are followers of the islam

    1,2 billion people 20% of the worlds population

  • What is the holy city of the Islam?


  • Why is Mecca the holy city?
    Because it is the birthplace of the profet mohamed, who thauth Muslims how to live.
  • Where areMohammed's teachings written in ?

    In the Koran

  • What are the five rules of the Koran?

    1. Shahadah (confession of faith): there is one God Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

    2. Salat (prayer): pray five times a day facing Mecca.

    3. Zakat (charity): give money or food to poor people.

    4. Swam (fasting): no drinking, eating or smoking between sunrise and sunset during the month of Ramadan.

    5. Hajj (pilgrimage): everyone who is healthy and has enough money must make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in his life.

  • Where do the Muslims live?
    In the East and North of Africa.
  • Why do the Muslims live in the East and North of Africa?
    In the seventh and eighth century parts of the Middle East and North Africa were taken over by Muslim armies from the Arab city of Mecca. Most of the people then became Muslim
  • What is the effect of the new religion?
    They learned more about the arabic culture inculding the language.
  • Why was the Arabic language so important?
    Because the Koran is in Arabic the language of Mohammed.
  • What is started in the middle east in the seventh and eight century?
    A cultural region called the Islamic world.
  • What is a cultural region?
    A place where people shared the same religion, language and customs.
  • Is there really one cultural region in the Islamic world?
    There are different religious groups within Islam. The two largest are the Sunnis (75%) and the Shiites (23%) they have different ideas about religion. There are Muslim fundamentalist among both.
  • What believe Muslim fundamentalists?
    They believe that their ountry should be run according to the strict laws of Islam.They hate modern ideas. There are many believers in fundamentalism, especially among the poor people in the Islamic world. 
  • 1.1 workbook

  • Name three countries in the Islamic world where Arabic is not the official language.

    1. Iran

    2. Isreal

    3. Turkey

  • Which climate is the most commen in the Islamic world?
    dry dessert climate
  • What is the original vegetation in the most of the Middle East?
    little or no vegetation (grasses)
  • What are the two key charcteristics of the culture in the Islamic world?

    1. Religion

    2. Language

  • Why Indonisia not part of the Islamic region?

    It is in another part of the world and it has an Asian culture but the religion is the same.

  • What binds the countries in the Islamic world? True
    The religion in all the countries is Islam and they share many elements of Arab culture.
  • What binds the countries in the Islamic world? untrue

    There are also big differences: Shiites and Sunnis have different ideas about the islam. Not all Islamic countries share the Arab culture.

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