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Samenvatting - Vocab

  • 1 Chapter 5-10

  •  an adjective used when there are clouds of small drops of water in the air which are difficult to see through.
  • Write the correct adjective for the country in brackets.
    The (Iraq)..............government has announced it will resume flights from Baghdad.
  • Definition: a lot of rain that falls in a short time.
  • Write the correct adjective for the world region in brackets.
    Arabic is without a doubt the dominant language in every (North Africa) .............. ............... country.
    North African
  • Definition: a period of unusually hot weather, especially one that continues for a long time.
  • Name the language, similar to Dutch, that is spoken in parts of Belgium.
  • Definition: having large, strong muscles.
  • Complete the idiom for describing someone who is lazy.
  • Complete the idiom for describing people who stay calm in difficult situations.
    keep his head
  • Definition: not having much experience of how complicated life is, so that you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen.
  • Complete the expression meaning to not feel interested in someone or something at all.
    leaving you cold

  • Complete the idiom for describing someone who has no sympathy for others.
    As hard as nails
  • Definition: a very strong wind.
  • Definition: very hot and wet, as it often is near the Equator.
  • Fill in the 3 missing words that form an expression meaning to argue with someone. Use the correct form of the word in brackets.
    fallen out with
  • Complete the idiom for describing behaviour that is very exaggerated or extreme.
    over the top
  • Complete the idiom for describing someone who is very unpleasant.
    piece of work
  • Definition: using money carefully and wisely.
  • Definition: not neat.
  • Definition: easily upset or offended by events or things that people say.
  • Complete the adjective meaning stupidly obstinate.
  • Definition: a person you know who may be able to help or advise you.

  • Add the correct verb form to complete the expression meaning to like someone and have a friendly relationship with them.
    I've always ................. on well with Henry.
  • Complete the idiom for describing behaviour that is very exaggerated or extreme.
    over the top
  • Definition: when the air is very wet and hot, making you sweat a lot.
  • Definition: very heavy, when referring to rainfall.
  • Write the correct adjective for the country in brackets.
    The (Kuwait) .............. cuisine includes much fish and other seafood.
  • Definition: having little or no hair on your head.
  • Definition: always wanting to find out things that do not concern you, especially other people's private affairs.

  • Definition: determined not to change your ideas, behaviour, opinions etc, even when other people think you are being unreasonable.
  • Complete the phrasal verb meaning to think that you are better than someone else, for example because you are more successful or of a higher social class than they are.
    down on
  • Definition: to dislike and have a low opinion of someone or something.
  • Complete the idiom meaning to become friendly with someone again after you have had an argument.
    made it up
  • Definition: the short road between your house and the street.
    the drive
  • Definition: a small apartment for one or two people, usually with one large room for sleeping and living in and a bathroom.
    Shared flat
  • Definition: cleaning equipment that you use to remove waste that you have swept up from the floor. (Tip: 2 words that go together)
    Dustpan and brush
  • Definition: in Britain, the school that children go to between the ages of five and eleven.
  • aardappelschilmesje
  • Definition: to take an exam again, because you failed it first time round.
  • Definition: add the most suitable verb to complete the expression meaning to be allowed to go to a school.
  • Definition: a serious infectious disease that is caused by dirty food and water.
  • Definition: a verb connected with volcanoes meaning to explode and send smoke, fire and rock into the sky.
    Mount Etna, in Sicily, is an active volcano, which e............... regularly.
  • Definition: something you must do by law.
  • Definition: in the process of studying for a Bachelor's degree.
  • Definition: the natural colour or appearance of the skin on a person’s face.
    His eyes were an astounding blue and his com............... was ruddy from a life spent at sea.
  • Complete the name of the world region.
    The M.............. is the area of southern Europe that borders on the sea that bears the same name.
    The Mediterranean

  • Definition: a short period of rain or snow.
    The weather will be cloudy with light s............... in places.
  • Name the language that is spoken in Portugal.
    P.............. is a difficult language to learn, so they say.
  • Definition: cruel and enjoying making other people suffer.
    The principal was a s.............. man who enjoyed tormenting his students.
  • Definition: allowing behaviour that many other people would disapprove of.
    In the per............... society of the 1960s, anything was possible.
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